Lighten Up! Stop Being Hard On Yourself – MP3


Learn where this pattern comes from, and change it.

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by Max Highstein

  • Lecture 7:00
  • Guided Meditation 21:00 

If anyone has ever told you to “lighten up”, you know how unhelpful that suggestion can be! But being hard on ourselves is a serious problem that bears looking into. It keeps us unhappy, makes us not much fun to be around, and tends to keep us from being successful — or enjoying success even if we have it.

But as with many negative patterns, this one is often unconscious, so it’s difficult to get a handle on. That’s what this program is all about — bringing that pattern to the surface so you can recognize it, and giving you tools to release it. Lighten Up! Stop Being Hard On Yourself includes two parts:

  1. In the lecture, author Max Highstein explains how this patterns begins, and outlines key steps you can take to shift it.
  2. Then, in the guided meditation you’ll be led through a gentle process to make a shift on a very deep level. From the first time you listen, you’ll begin to treat yourself better. And working with the program over time you’ll make a lasting change. Then perhaps instead of telling you to “Lighten up”, your friends will begin to say things like “You seem a lot happier these days!”

This carefully made guided meditation features a good dose of humor, but is seriously helpful!