Self Honesty

Can I Be Honest With Me? An extraordinarily helpful attribute, if you’re on a path of healing and growth, is self-honesty. It’s also one of the most difficult. In fact, it’s nearly impossible, especially at first, to look at ourselves … Read More

Loosing My Religion

  I was raised in a relatively orthodox Jewish family in the 1950’s, and had a bar mitzvah at 13. But if you had asked me about the meaning of the words I read from the Torah, I wouldn’t have … Read More

Tree Hugging Made Easy

I had a conversation with a friend yesterday, and she said that whenever she visits her friends in the country, she has a favorite tree she always sits under for a while. Last week, as she was sitting under this … Read More

Blind Spots

If you listen to certain spiritual teachers, particularly from the east, you’ll eventually hear about how important it is to break free from the hold of your ego in order to reach God consciousness. “God please help me get past … Read More

Why I Like AA & Other 12-Step Programs

Although I’ve never been a member of AA, the 12-Step program called Alcoholics Anonymous, I’ve got opinions about it. Through my intuitive counseling practice and other venues I’ve been exposed to many people whose lives have been effected positively by … Read More

Sensitive Or Crazy?

  The other day one of my Facebook friends posted something that really caught my attention. She said she was puzzled by so many of her colleagues talking about needing to be grounded so as not to pick up negative … Read More

Gifted & Behaving Badly

One of the things we tend to find confusing is when gifted people behave poorly. For example, a wildly popular entertainer who is suspected of child abuse. Or a charismatic and effective political leader who can’t seem to keep his … Read More


Because of the varied nature of my work, I typically have a handful of different projects going on at any given time. And like most things in life, some parts of my projects are beyond my control. Occasionally, when life … Read More

Spirituality Versus Religion

Although my intuitive counseling clients come from several faiths, the biggest majority consider themselves “spiritual but not religious.” According to recent surveys, something like 60% of people in the US identify themselves that way. But it’s interesting to me that … Read More

Your Ego Is A Problem

So what’s the deal with the ego? Freud talked about it. Spiritual teachers from the East talk about it. Your girlfriend talks about yours. Is your ego a problem? Maybe. Probably. He’s the deal. Your ego is part of the … Read More

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