Guided Imagery Narration

The voice leading you through a guided imagery program is perhaps the single most important ingredient in the mix. Since our first release in 1984, we’ve worked only with professional voice artists or those with seasoned training. More than simply having a “soft voice”, our narrators are specifically selected for their healing quality and gentle story-telling ability.

Contrast this with the boring monotone of the narrators reading most other programs, and you’ll hear one of the many reasons our programs are so special and sought after.

Please allow us to introduce our very special voice artists!

Kitzie Stern

With over 15 years of experience in voice recording on and off camera, Kitzie’s voice has been featured in literally hundreds of spots. Her clients include Disney, General Mills, WebMD, Microsoft, Starbucks, Wal-Mart, Kohl’s, Food Network, and too many others to list. A consummate professional, what makes Kitzie a most precious resource at The Healing Waterfall is her ability to embrue her reading with compassion and care, and bring meaning and color to every journey.

Kitzie is also the host and producer of the New World Kirtan podcast, a weekly iTunes program dedicated to bringing this beautiful spiritual music art form to the world. Visit her website to learn more.

Hear Kitzie Stern’s guided imagery narration on Clearing CancerHealing Trauma With Archangel Michael, and Dolphin Day.

Jill Andre

The career of veteran TV and film actress Jill Andre extends back to the early 60’s and forward to work on new films scheduled for release in late 2012. Notable TV features include The Adams Family, The Guiding Light, All My Children, Hill Street Blues, St. Elsewhere, Remington Steele, Santa Barbara, NYPD Blue, Castle, and too many others to list. She appeared in the 2010 feature film The Runawayswith Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning.

Jill played a big part in making The Healing Waterfall and our other programs some of the most popular titles of their kind. We are very fortunate and grateful to have had her voice grace our scripts.

Hear Jill Andre on The Healing Waterfall, The Healing Waterfall II, Lightbeing, and Visiting Angels.


Max Highstein

Unlike our other esteemed voice artists, Max Highstein first worked behind the scenes, rather than in front of the microphone. The author of most of our scripts, he directed the recordings of all the talented actors listed here.

However, as a facilitator, he often narrated his own guided imagery live in his intuitive guidance sessions and classes. He eventually wanted to bring his own voice to the recorded programs he developed.

A firm believer in training and practice, Max studied with acting instructor Ursula Drabik, and then recorded, listened, and recorded again, until he had the experience and confidence to deliver a reading he felt would be up to the high standards set by others on this page.

Max brings a great deal of depth, care and compassion to his voice work. You can hear the results on The Healing Forest, Gateway to Peace, Love & Forgive Yourself, Visiting Mother Mary, and many of the other programs here. Read more about Max Highstein…

Rhada Delamarter

When Betty Mehling asked Max Highstein to produce her children’s guided meditation, Magic Island, Relaxation For Kids, Max went looking for the right actor to narrate the program. He found her less than one mile away, in his rural New Mexico neighborhood: Rhada Delamarter — an experienced stage and screen actress with a distinctive, lovely speaking voice.

The recording session was one of those magical events when everything simply fell into place. After a few read-throughs, Rhada asked for a take, and delivered an enchanting read from start to finish. Her performance brings out all the program’s fun and adventure, and makes it real. You can hear it word for word on Magic Island, Relaxation For Kids.

Leigh Taylor-Young

Leigh Taylor-Young began her diverse film career in 1968, starring opposite Peter Sellers in the now-classic comedy, I Love You, Alice B. Toklas. She then starred with Robert DeNiro in The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight, with Charlton Heston in Soylent Green, with Albert Finney in Looker, with Omar Sharif in The Horsemen, and with Glenn Close and Jeff Bridges in Jagged Edge. More recent films include Bliss, Klepto, Slackers, and Spiritual Warriors. Having appeared regularly in such well-known television series as Peyton Place, Dallas and Picket Fences – for which she won the Emmy award, and with guest spots on Beverly Hills 90210, The Sentinel, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and many other popular television shows, Leigh demonstrates her creative diversity and fine talents by connecting with audiences through theater, films and television.

We are very proud to have had Leigh Taylor-Young play a key role in our very first recording. Hear Leigh Taylor-Young on 12-Cosmic Healers.

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