Clearing Sadness – MP3


Guided Imagery helps let go of sadness and depression.

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By Max Highstein • Program length 12:30

Everyone goes through periods of sadness now and then. But when we get stuck in ongoing sadness or depression for more than a week or two, it’s time to do something to break the spell.

Guided imagery offers a safe, natural way to let go of sadness, and open to new possibilities. It can help us make a shift, leave the past behind and start moving forward again.

This gentle guided meditation includes soft narration, soothing background music, and beautifully recorded nature sounds. In this program, you’ll take an inner journey to a pine mountain forest, where it’s just rained the night before. Higher up the mountain, a stream has begun to flow down, and it crosses the path before you. This sweet stream is mesmerizing, and it inspires you to reconnect with new energy inside, and make a shift.

Listen to Clearing Sadness, and let it help you break free!

From The Author

"For some time I've wanted to make a program to help people with sadness. Recently, a friend of mine was walking in the woods, and came upon a stream, much like the one in this program. It had just rained the night before, and the stream had spontaneously occurred, flowing down across her path.

"She stood there, mesmerized by the sound and sight of this beautiful scene. Then she thought of me, and made a sound recording on her phone. As soon as I received that recording, I knew this could be the inspiration for a program about clearing sadness.

"So this program is a gift from Nature, to you (by way of my friend and me). I hope you'll find it as inspiring and helpful as I do!"

Max Highstein