Good Boundaries – MP3


The cure for “doormat” syndrome.

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By Max Highstein • 27:00+

Does this sound like you?

  • People take unfair advantage of me.
  • I’m  always doing things for others, but no one seems to be looking out for me.
  • I’m on the receiving end of physical or verbal abuse.
  • I’m easily “pulled out of my center” around certain people.
  • I’m everyone’s doormat.

These statements reflect poor personal boundaries. Poor boundaries infect relationships, attract abusers, and keep us stuck. But you don’t have to keep living that way!

In this easy to use guided meditation program, Good Boundaries helps you see clearly how others invade your private space. It helps you consider the steps you’d need to take to correct the problem. And most importantly, it shows you how to live from your own center, where you are safe.

When you operate from your center, you naturally create good, healthy boundaries, and attract people who respect you!


"Personal boundary issues are epidemic in Western society. Anyone who was raised to be a 'caretaker', or suffered abuse early in life is likely to have poor boundaries. They will find find themselves giving too much, or being physically or emotionally abused. Poor personal boundaries create codependent, dysfunctional relationships. Unless these problems are dealt with, healthy relationships can be difficult, if not impossible.

"I designed this guided imagery program in two stages:

  • The first stage helps us clearly see what’s going on in our life that isn’t working.
  • The second stage provides a healthy new way of thinking about our relationships, and highlights the steps we need to be take to improve them.

"Working with this easy to use program is a positive step toward change. If you struggle with boundaries, I invite you to listen, discover what’s possible, and make a shift." 

Max Highstein