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The Guided Meditation Handbook

The Complete Guide To Writing, Leading, & Recording Guided Meditations

The Guided Meditation Handbook - The Complete Guide to Writing, Leading, & Recording Guided Meditations


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You’ve come to the right place! Our guided imagery downloads and CD programs use spoken narration with soft background music to take you on a relaxing inner journey. With our gentle recordings like Gateway to Peace or The Healing Waterfall you can simply relax and unwind. Or choose our programs for specific concerns such as sleep, weight loss, or PTSD. You'll also find programs on spiritual topics, intuition, and much more. Just browse the category listings, listen and enjoy! 

If you'd like to learn a bit more about guided imagery, browse our blog posts to catch up on the latest research. We also encourage you to learn more about who we are by visiting our About Us page. We have been producing guided imagery programs since 1984 and our pains-taking process is unique. All music is composed by Max Highstein, and our special results simply can't be achieved by cutting corners.

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Thanks to massive support from our customers and fans, we were voted Best Website 2013 for the kind of high quality, helpful guided meditation programs we offer. And in 2012 The Healing Waterfall guided imagery meditation won Guided Meditation Award! 100,000+ grateful listeners have purchased this classic! Thank you, everyone!