Guided imagery for stress relief helps to ease your worried mind. Relax, and take the weight off your shoulders!

Step Into Serenity
Step Into Serenity – MP3

Peace and tranquility is just a step away.

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Stress Reduction: Relax On A Tropical Beach
Relax On A Tropical Beach – MP3

An easy to follow guided program for stress reduction and deep relaxation.

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Patience Guided Imagery
Patience – MP3

Uncover and release old programming, and bring patience and peace into your your life.

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Say Goodbye To Worry – Hot Air Balloon MP3

Unload your worries, and send them away for good. Then re-envision your life, worry free.

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Meditation Program for Stress Reduction in your Car
Car Peace

Make your car a stress-free sanctuary.

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deep meditation techniques for peace
Guided Meditation For Inner Peace – MP3

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Lower Your Blood Pressure
Lower Your Blood Pressure – MP3

Deep relaxation and a simple breathing exercise help your body slow down, relax, balance.

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Relaxing Guided Meditation
Gateway To Peace

Visit a quiet lane, an enchanted meadow, and a comfortable old chair by a brook. Let go of all your cares, as tension melts away.

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Guided Healing Meditation
The Healing Well – MP3 Audio

Visit a magical garden filled with golden light, and drink from The Healing Well.

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Healing guided meditation.
The Healing Forest

Journey on the back of a gentle old horse, through The Healing Forest.

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Sacred Stillness – MP3

The high desert is calling you. See life through a raven’s eyes.

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Guided Relaxation at The Healing Waterfall II
The Healing Waterfall II – Tropical Paradise

Experience deep relaxation, inner healing, and forgiveness in the tropics.


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Swim with the dolphins in this guided meditation.
Dolphin Day – MP3

The sand, the sea, and the salt air — and surprise visitors! Layer after layer of tension melts away.

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Guided Relaxation for Nurses
Deep Relaxation For Nurses & Caregivers – MP3

A welcome period of profound rest, in a short length of time.

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Massage Therapists & Healers
Deep Support For Bodyworkers

Feel better, do better, & succeed further.

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Personalized Guided Imagery
Personalized Guided Imagery

Tell us what you’d like, and we’ll do the rest.

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