Forgiving Your Father – MP3


Release negativity, and open to new possibilities.

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By Max Highstein

  • Lecture 3:30
  • Guided Meditation 18:30

Was your father perfect? Chances are, your relationship with your father has been a mixed bag, because most parents try their best, but have faults inherited from their parents. So, we tend to receive some combination of love and anger, patience and impatience, caring and neglect.

Your father shaped your opinion of men, and showed you what to expect from them. If your father instilled anger, fear, or sadness in you, that can infect all of your relationships.

But as an adult, you have the opportunity to make peace with your father (whether or not he’s still alive) and release those feelings. Doing so opens a whole range of new possibilities in life. Plus, it just feels better not to carry that stuff around!

We don’t have to continue to carry negativity toward our parents. And we can never fully come into our own without first letting go of those feelings. It’s important to keep the positive memories, but release the negativity that might otherwise darken your relationships with men going forward. Forgiving Your Father will help you do just that. It’s easy to follow, and author and facilitator Max Highstein leads you through the process, step by step.

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"Wow! What a powerful exercise. I've just been through the first run of the meditation. I experienced both tears and laughter..." Listener testimonial. Name withheld for privacy