Desert Heart

The Healing Waterfall is part of Desert Heart Multimedia, and Desert Heart Recordings, Inc. We’ve been producing high quality guided imagery audio programs since 1984! Our sales have long since passed the 100,000 mark, first in cassettes, then CDs, and now in MP3 download form. Our collection has expanded over the years to include a wide selection of guided imagery for many different purposes, as well as music for massage, meditation, and relaxation.

We receive so many thank you notes, letters, and encouraging comments from our customers, we keep making more! We always welcome your input, so let us know what you think, and what else you would like us to produce. We’re open to suggestion!bcone

What’s Different About Us?

Everything, actually. All the ingredients in a guided meditation program are important: Concept, writing, narration, pacing, background music… and we take a great deal of care with every step.

Knowing how to produce an effective guided meditation recording comes with talent, practice, and experience. And putting the time in to get everything right makes a huge difference. When you listen to our programs, we believe you’ll hear the result — something very special.

Our Writing

Our programs are written, rewritten, and edited by writers who know healing. All of our scripts are carefully tested and re-tested until we’re sure we have an appealing story. And we make sure the narrative will be as easy to listen to, understand, and assimilate as possible.

Our Narration

We only use professional voice artists who possess a healing, soothing vocal quality. Of course, a voice that sounds wonderful to one person may not appeal to another, but we do our best to insure we’re giving you something way above average.

The Recording Process

We work with high-end audio equipment in a great recording studio. Our voice artists deliver take after take until we know we have captured their best. Then we carefully edit the recording, adjusting pacing and spacing until we feel the narration will work best for our listeners.

Our Music

All of the music for our guided imagery is composed by Max Highstein, an award winning artist known for the healing quality of his work. In many cases, music is composed specifically to go with the narration that has already been recorded and edited, just like music would be scored for a movie. In other cases, we choose existing music from our composer’s collection that best fits the piece.

The special results we achieve can’t be gotten by cutting corners. Please listen and hear for yourself!

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