Love and Forgive Yourself
Love And Forgive Yourself – MP3

Open your heart & release what you’ve held against yourself.

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Daily Focus
Daily Focus – MP3

Make any personal quality part of your daily routine.

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Adjust Your Attitude
Positive Thinking – Adjust Your Attitude – MP3

Change your thoughts and change your life!

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Develop Appreciation
Develop The Quality Of Appreciation – MP3

An enchanted encounter with a deer helps us learn appreciation.

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Patience Guided Imagery
Patience – MP3

Uncover and release old programming, and bring patience and peace into your your life.

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Say Goodbye To Worry – Hot Air Balloon MP3

Unload your worries, and send them away for good. Then re-envision your life, worry free.

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Stop Being Hard On Yourself
Lighten Up! Stop Being Hard On Yourself – MP3

Learn where this pattern comes from, and change it.

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