Car Peace


Make your car a stress-free sanctuary.

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One Hour, 18 Minutes of Stress Relief for Driving

By Max Highstein.

Do you have car peace? Your car could be a place where you automatically become peaceful, relaxed, and attuned to your higher consciousness. In other words, a stress-free sanctuary. With this program, you’ll create such a space in your automobile, and learn how to tap into it the moment you begin driving.

Seven easy to follow lessons take you from stress to peace, step by step.


  • Driving Relaxed, Focused & Alert
  • Optimizing Your Driving Environment
  • Better Breathing In Your Car
  • Your Car as a Sanctuary
  • Energy colors in your Car
  • Driving in the Flow
  • The Truth About Hurry
  • Empathy & Your Heart-Space
  • Seven Angels
  • Backseat Elephants

This seven-lesson stress relief meditation program will make your car a stress-free sanctuary. Use it as you drive to work, run errands or undergo a long drive to visit relatives. If you’re a stressed driver, or could just use a break from your daily worries, please use Car Peace, a driving meditation designed to put you in your own stress-free zone.

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From The Author

"You might think that as a guided meditation author and spiritual counselor, I would be a peaceful, relaxed driver. Actually, no! I developed this course for myself, because I needed to bring the same kind of tranquility I experience in my work, to my trips to and from my office, and hour away.

And it works! I've transformed my drive time into something like a driving meditation, and I've learned how to drive relaxed, focused and alert, like the program says. When I start feeling stressed at the wheel, I simply begin doing the exercises, and tension melts away, and my car becomes a stress-free peace zone. It works for me, and it can work for you!"

Max Highstein