Deep Support For Bodyworkers


Feel better, do better, & succeed further.

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by Max Highstein
3 Guided Meditations, 57 Minutes

Deep Support For Bodyworkers offers three powerful guided mediations to help you feel better, do better, and succeed further in your career.

For Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, Rolfers, energy workers, and anyone who uses their hands to help others heal. 


  1. Recovering & Clearing From Work
  2. Letting Your Heart Guide Your Hands
  3. Envisioning Your Ideal Practice

Clearing And Releasing From Work is designed to help you let go of stressful energies that may tend to accumulate in your body and energetic field as you work. We all have a natural empathic tendency to unconsciously pick up negativity from our clients, especially in times when we’re not well rested, or stressed for any reason. Taking time on a regular basis to do some personal clearing is an important part of staying healthy, balanced, and ready to give your clients your best.

Letting Your Heart Guide Your Hands will help you connect to your higher support, and intuitively draw upon it to offer your clients the best help you can provide, on all levels. You might find it especially helpful to do this meditation in your treatment room, before you begin your work day.

Envisioning Your Ideal Practice offers an overview of your work from a career standpoint. You can use this meditation to define for yourself how, where, for whom, and for how much pay you would most like to work, and help bring your ideals into reality.

Max Highstein is an intuitive spiritual counselor, musician, and author who has also been a professional massage therapist. Today he incorporates energy work into his counseling sessions. He has a special appreciation and understanding of the dynamics of bodyworker-patient dynamics, and enjoys connecting with those who work with their hands to help others heal.

Use Deep Support For Bodyworkers to bring new energy into your work, clear out the cobwebs, and make your days more satisfying and enjoyable.

Our Customers Say

"Over the last 3 years I've slowly built a home-based massage business, but recently I found a commercial rental space and decided to take the plunge. Then I was guided to purchase your program, Deep Support for Body Workers.

Your meditations have helped me to stay focused on envisioning my practice. I listen to Letting Your Heart Guide Your Hands before I start work each day and the clearing meditation at the end of the day. I feel as if this whole program was created just for me! I highly recommend it to any therapist just starting out; as well as the many other beautiful Meditations you have. I'm getting quite a collection! Please keep them coming."

"I've just begun listening, and I really love Clearing and Releasing from Work. This meditation is the perfect end to any work day for me... I always love your CDs. The voices and music are soothing and the images are easy to follow and vivid. Thank you for your your continued assistance along my path."