Relax On A Tropical Beach – MP3


An easy to follow guided program for stress reduction and deep relaxation.

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Stress Reduction Made Easy

30 Minutes •  by Max Highstein

Stress reduction is easy with this guided relaxation program! The gentle narration and soothing ocean waves will have you feeling relaxed in no time.

First you’ll find yourself walking along a tropical shore, on a warm summer day. Soon you’ll come to a comfy lounge chair, and settle in, to listen to the waves. There you’ll enjoy a full body relaxation, from head to toe. And then you’ll be led through an easy, enjoyable breathing relaxation to help you settle in still deeper.

The sound of the gentle narration, combined with the beautifully recorded ocean waves, will have you feeling more relaxed than ever. The waves continue for some time after the narration fades, to help provide a deep, satisfying rest.

Stress reduction? No problem. This program is all natural, with no side effects other than feeling very, very good!


From The Program

"Soon you come to an inviting lounge chair that’s been set up for you on the sand, and decide this would be a good time to take a rest. So you settle down and get comfortable, shading your eyes with a nice big straw hat. Now you’re completely content to simply lie back, relax, and listen to the sound of the waves."

Our Author Says...

It has been more than 30 years since I began making guided imagery recordings. I've made programs for to help people relax, programs for very specific health conditions, and everything in between.

When I began, guided imagery was fairly new, and everyone was just finding out about it. Today, it's still very new to millions of people. That's why The Healing Waterfall store offers something for everyone.

I made this program to help with one of the most pervasive and basic health issues -- stress. Stress reduction is one of the healthiest things we can include in our daily routine.

Relax On A Tropical Beach offers an easy solution for stress. It's deeply relaxing, and includes simple techniques that everyone can do.

I hope you'll find this program, and all of my programs, helpful and enjoyable!

-- Max Highstein