Say Goodbye To Worry – Hot Air Balloon MP3


Unload your worries, and send them away for good. Then re-envision your life, worry free.

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By Max Highstein • 14:48 • MP3 Download or Play (This is not a CD.)

Worry much? Worry casts a dark shadow over everything in our lives. And it’s often a pattern so deep in our unconscious mind that we hardly notice doing it. We all know that worry does absolutely nothing to help us. But what it does do is keep us from enjoying life, keep us from recognizing opportunities, and keep us in a state of mind that tends to attract more things to worry about. It also leads to depression, and makes us not so nice to be around.

Guided imagery can help us refocus our mind on what’s positive. And we can use it to retrain our thinking, so we can kick the worry habit for good. That’s what this program is all about.

In Say Goodbye To Worry, Hot Air Balloon, you’ll be guided on an inner journey to a beautiful balloon, on a crisp fall morning. You’ll symbolically unload your worries into the balloon’s basket, and send them away for good. Then you’ll re-envision your life, worry free.

Use this easy to follow, effective guided meditation, and change your mind. Get started right now. Changing your mind can change your life! 

Our Customers Say...

"Say Goodbye To Worry is an excellent way to unload all the crud that has been bothering me and just let it all float away. I have found this meditation so helpful when I'm feeling overwhelmed with the dross and dregs of life. I find that when I stick to doing this meditation frequently, I really can just blow it all away."