Guided Meditation For Inner Peace – MP3


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Deep Meditation Techniques For Peace

By Max Highstein • 10:00

This free guided meditation* offers an easy to follow, effective way to connect to inner peace. First you’ll experience a deep, calming relaxation. Then you’ll have a chance to ease your mind about anything that might concern you. Use this program to experience peace and simply feel good.

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In this easy to follow program, you’ll:

  • Experience an easy, progressive relaxation
  • Release tension and anxiety about anything that might be disturbing you
  • Enjoy a soothing period of inner peace, and then come gently back to your space

You’ll find it easy to use these deep meditation techniques for peace. This guided imagery program makes it very easy to relax, connect to inner peace, and feel calm. All you have to do is sit back, listen, and follow along. The gentle narration and relaxing background music will take you on an inner journey that will have you feeling peaceful in minutes. And when you’re done, you’ll easily be able to get back to whatever you wish to do — awake, alert, and refreshed.

Is there anything “special” about our guided meditations? Definitely! It starts with our over 25 years of experience making award winning, best-selling programs. And it includes beautifully crafted scripts, professional narrators, and exceptional music, created especially for these programs. No amount of gimmicky tricks can take the place of the skill, talent, and time that goes into our guided meditation downloads and CDs. Just listen, and you’ll hear the difference!

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Just A few of our many THANK YOU'S:

"Lovely relaxing meditation. If each one of us did this practice everyday, what a huge difference it would make. Thanks Max."

"How wonderful! Thanks so much for this gift, I shall pass it along to others."

"Thank you, very inspiring/touching. It has made me feel calm and at peace within myself."

"What a lovely calming voice. thanks"

"This is my fav… I felt energy of two people calm way down when i sent love to them from my heart! Amazing."

"Very relaxing"

"Lovely, thank you!"

"Thank you, this is really helpful! LOVE."

Enjoy this free guided meditation, and let us know YOUR experience!