Love Infusion For Colds And Flu – MP3


Boost your immune system and heal faster with this pleasing and peaceful guided meditation.

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by Max Highstein • 15:00

Colds and flu are kind to no one. They make us feel wretched, limit our ability to function, and make it hard to enjoy life. Worst of all, they can seem to drag on forever. Yuck!

If you’re sick, follow your doctor’s orders and be sure to get plenty of rest, so your body has all the energy it needs to recover. To give your immune system a boost and help you heal faster, engage your body-mind connection with this peaceful and pleasing guided meditation.

From The Program

...Imagine your current surroundings are fading away, as if they were only a temporary camouflage, revealing a richly colored tropical oasis. Here you’re floating on your back on an air mattress in a warm pool, surrounded by lush plants and trees. A gentle breeze moves the foliage hypnotically, as you float and relax, buoyed by the clear water. The light is soft, the air is delicately scented with flowers, and gentle music plays somewhere in background...

Our Customers Say

Thanks for this program! I had a nagging cold with a cough that was hanging on for weeks. It just didn't want to go away. Listening to your program helped me shift something inside, and push it out of my system. I'm better now!