Sleep Well Tonight, Under The Stars By A Mountain Stream – MP3


Peaceful guided imagery and nature sounds lull you to sleep.

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by Max Highstein  •  Program length: 26 Minutes

In this relaxing program, with gentle narration, soft music, and the soothing nature sounds, you’ll find yourself walking along a mountain stream on a crisp fall afternoon. You’ll enjoy the sights and sounds of this enchanting setting, and soon find your campsite waiting. As the evening stars come out, you’ll settle safe and sound into your comfy sleeping bag.

With the stars above, and the stream bubbling in the background, you’ll enjoy a full body relaxation, as you drift off into a deep and gentle sleep. The music and stream sounds continue for 15 minutes after the narration ends, giving you plenty of time to make your transition into sleep.

From the program:

"It’s starting to get late, and the sun has gone down, and the first stars have already begun to come out. And you’re quite tired from your long hike today. So you sit down on your bed, and take in the deep feeling of peace that’s here for you.

"It’s getting hard to keep your eyes open, so you climb into your sleeping bag, and settle into your comfy bed. The stars have all come out now, and you can see the milky way painting the dark night sky. More stars than you could ever count. And just as you’re closing your eyes, a bright shooting star crosses the sky above you, signaling the perfect end to your day.

"It’s time to go to sleep now, so feel your body begin to relax. Starting with your feet, allow all the tension to leave them. They’ve worked hard for you today, and deserve a rest. And so the relaxation in your feet finds its way into your ankles, your calves, and your knees..."