Immune System Support, Envisioning Good Health – MP3


A positive focus helps your entire system become brighter and stronger.

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by Max Highstein • 22:00

Immune System Support, Envisioning Good Health is a guided healing meditation designed to help you engage and strengthen this mind-body connection. It’s made to to encourage your body to fight and recover its strength. Consider your attitude toward your own body, and the way you think of yourself when it comes to health, wellbeing and vitality. The body-mind component of health is a crucial part of your wellbeing. It’s all about the way your thoughts and feelings influence your body’s ability to ward off and recover from illness. The way you think and feel about yourself can effect immune response, digestion, reproductive functioning, and more.

In this program you’ll have the opportunity to focus on your body and your health in a very positive way. You’ll adjust your thinking, and help your entire system to become brighter and stronger. Working with a program like this one over time can make a positive difference.

In this program, a bubble of light carries you over peaceful landscapes until you arrive at a country garden, with a bubbling fountain. There you connect with healing energies that fill your body, mind and emotions. Immune Support, Envisioning Good Health is a beautifully crafted inner journey with gentle narration, a soft musical score, and the healing natural sounds of water. Includes positive affirmations for wellness.

From The Guided Program

"…Someone comes and sits beside you, and their company feels most welcome. And as if it were the most natural thing in the world, they offer you their hand. And as soon as you take their hand in yours, you feel a flood of positive energy, as if you were receiving a transfusion of love, filling you from head to foot. Take time to receive this loving energy, as it continues to flow into you, clearing away any darkness, and leaving you fully alive…"

What Science Says About Guided Imagery and Immunity

A randomized study published in 2008 attempted to understand more about the use of guided imagery for immune system support and its ability to help cancer patients. It goes without saying that breast cancer patients, for example, deal with a substantial amount of stress and anxiety, and ineffective coping can prevent the immune system from working as it should. That's because stress affects the immune system, particularly something called NK cell cytotoxicity. Breast cancer patients often have dramatically reduced NK cell toxicity.

Mind-body interventions like guided imagery work to help patients cope with illness. In the study, the researchers recruited breast cancer patients and found the experimental group receiving guided imagery for immune support had improved immunological results on NK cell toxicity.

Data analysis from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine even said that guided healing meditation produces a significantly higher count of NK cells, or "natural killer" cells.

Several other studies have been published showing guided imagery is linked to changes in immune activity at a cellular level. Guided healing meditation can really be a natural immune system booster with no ill side effects.