Heal Your Body Image – MP3


Let go of negative messages, and view your body with compassion and appreciation.

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By Max Highstein, Kitzie Stern narrates

• Introduction: 2:25
• Guided Meditation: 20:53

How do you feel about your body? Your “body image” – the way you see yourself, and your attitude about your body, greatly influences your self esteem, your emotional well being, and even your physical health.

If you’re interested in improving your health, recovering from illness, losing weight, or becoming more fit, never underestimate the importance of a positive body image. And if you struggle with an eating disorder, you’ll want to pay especially careful attention to this issue.

In this gentle guided meditation for overcoming body image issues by Max Highstein, voice artist Kitzie Stern guides you on a journey to a lovely, secluded setting, full of healing energy. There you’ll have the opportunity to view your body with objectivity and neutrality, be at peace with yourself, and see your own body — and yourself — with compassion and appreciation.

You’ll let go of negative messages you may have repeated to yourself over time, and affirm new, positive ones. And you’ll have time to listen to what your body has to tell you about your next steps.

Overcome body image issues today and put yourself on a path to a better life. Take control of how you view yourself and learn to let go!

From the Author

"Today, it’s virtually impossible to avoid the media's relentless procession of idealized bodies. But here in reality people come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Looking good is one thing, but being obsessed with having a body that matches what’s on TV is insanity! Unfortunately, it also leads to lots of misery, disappointment, and low self esteem, and contributes to eating disorders and unhealthy diets.

"Some things about our bodies are possible to change, and some are not. Whether you’re planning to change your appearance, or know you’ll be living with it as is, learning to accept and love your body in its present form can be one of the healthiest and most helpful steps you can take.

"I wrote this program to help us make peace with our bodies, and to let go of all the old programming we’ve been fed from early on, right up to the present day. Programming that says 'If I don’t look a certain way, I don’t matter'. That’s something none of us need to carry around with us.

"Somewhere there’s a plastic surgeon who hopes you won’t use this guided meditation, because it may just cut into the next payment on his third home. Poor guy! I hope you’ll use Heal Your Body Image to change your life, from the inside out."

Max Highstein