Sleep Well Tonight, Comfy Cozy Farmhouse – MP3


Enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep in the 3rd of this series.

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by Max Highstein  •  Program length: 26 Minutes

This is the third installment in our Sleep Well Tonight Series. In this lovely guided meditation, you’ll take an evening walk along a country lane, and find your way to an old farmhouse, recently converted for guests. You’ll have the house all to yourself tonight! From your comfy bed, you’ll enjoy the sound of crickets softly chirping outside. The guided meditation also includes a full body relaxation. After ten minutes, the narration stops, and leaves you with the background nature sounds playing softly. It gives you plenty of time to drift… off… to… dreamland… Comfy, cozy, sleepy bliss!

From the program:

"...As the sun sets, and evening draws on, crickets begin chirping, and the air turns cooler. It’s time to go inside, and get some sleep. The house is all yours tonight, and walking in, you find it’s simply furnished, warm, and clean, with a sitting room off to one side, with soft couches and comfy chairs. There are braided rugs on polished wood floors, and a staircase with a wooden banister. and you’re quite tired now, so you climb the stairs, and find your room.

"Your bedroom is simple and clean, with ivory colored walls, a soft tapestry, lacey curtains on the windows, and a polished wood floor. And there’s a beautiful country quilt on the bed. The window is open a bit, and you can still hear the evening crickets, chirping in their soft rhythm..."