Bringing Clients To Your Door – MP3


Remove blocks to your success, & attract the right clients for you. 

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By Max Highstein • 21:30 

For ANYONE whose business depends on an influx of clients & customers. 

You’ve learned your craft, honed your skills, and paid your dues. Now it’s time to bring in the clients/customers/patients to make your work a success. In this guided visualization you’ll remove inner blocks, symbolically build a solid base within, send up a powerful spotlight to all your potential customers, and visualize them recognizing your light and coming to your door.

With Bringing Clients To Your Door, you’ll have the opportunity to discover anything within you that might be in the way of your success — whether it’s self doubt, a belief you’re not deserving, the feeling you’re not up to the job, or other issue. You’ll fill your system with positive images and affirmations, and sweep negativity out of the way.

You’ll also envision your ideal practice, your ideal balance of work/rest/play, and more. And you’ll have a chance to tap your deep inner wisdom for the correct next steps, to bring your vision into reality.

Like all of our programs, Bringing Clients To Your Door combines powerful imagery with deep inner connection and positive encouragement. Download this visualization meditation and use Bringing Clients To Your Door to do exactly that!

From The Author

"Many of my friends are in helping professions that depend on a steady clientele to earn a good living, as I am myself. For years I’ve watched people I know gain skills and set up shop -- whether as a massage therapist, chiropractor, handy-person, mortgage broker, or other profession. And it always amazes me that while they’re all well qualified, some attract business and some don’t. It doesn’t seem to matter whether they advertise, join a business network group, or send out flyers, it just seems that some people are naturally attractive to business, and some are not.

"I find this very curious, but as with most things, I’m convinced it’s an “inside job”. In other words, I believe the beliefs and energies we hold inside are what make the difference in our success, just as much if not more than the steps we take. (Not that I don’t also believe in taking steps to promote one’s services -- people have to find out about us somehow!)

"So I developed this program to address the inner game of bringing in business. It’s about the way you feel toward yourself and other people. Knowing you offer value. Knowing you’re well qualified. Knowing you’re fair and treat people well. And truly wanting it to happen! If you’re starting your business, or trying to take it to the next level, listen to this program once a day for three weeks. Then I’d love to hear from you, because I think you’ll be very happy about the results!"

Max Highstein