Winning Your Ideal Job – MP3


Hit your job interview out of the park.

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By Max Highstein • 17:15

In a competitive job market, giving a positive interview can be the key to landing your ideal job. But most people have trouble interviewing well. Nervous with so much on the line, they either talk too much, say too little or don’t relate well with their interviewer in general. This program can help.

Through the process of deep relaxation and visualization, you’ll establish a sense of connection with the job you want, and comfort with the interview process. You’ll feel, see, and hear yourself relating confidently with your interviewer, saying the right things about yourself – just enough – and putting your best foot forward.

If you’ve determined the job you want, use this program to ensure you ace your interview, and win it!

From The Program

"…Now use your imagination to carry forward that feeling of connection with your new job directly into your job interview, so that while you’re speaking with your interviewer, it feels as if you are already hired and working there. Imagine yourself in the interview session, being yourself, relaxed and comfortable, with all your skills and personal qualities present…"