Daily Focus – MP3


Make any personal quality part of your daily routine.

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By Max Highstein • 10:00

Would you like to experience more love, courage, spontaneity..? The Daily Focus Guided Mediation allows you to choose any personal quality, experience it within you, and bring it into your daily routine. This 10 minute program is easy to do, peaceful, and inspiring, with gentle narration and soft background music.

From Daily Focus:

"Consider the quality you’ve chosen to focus on today. Imagine that the word is floating before you in space, and visualize it clearly spelled out, the letters glowing with light. This quality, and the light that surrounds it, come from the highest source of all creation, from the center of the universe. It is living energy, a message for your heart, mind, and soul, and brings with it tremendous power and support, for you..."

Our Customers Say

"I love your guided meditations. I can feel very disconnected and do a mediation and feel very grounded afterwards. When I do the daily focus before I get out of bed - only 10 minutes, I have a great day. It's great. Thank you!"

"Your Daily Focus meditation gets me through my days, reminding me of who I want to be when the world around me seems to be tearing at my soul."