Finding Your Ideal Job – MP3


Envision & find the job you really want.

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By Max Highstein • 20:18

Have you ENVISIONED the kind of job you want? (If not, Envisioning Your Ideal Job is the program for you!) If so, this is a program to help you FIND it. First you’ll connect with your ideal job symbolically, stimulating your unconscious mind and intuition. Then you’ll envision yourself making the connections that will lead you to your job. You’ll call upon your network of friends and acquaintances, envision yourself using all available technology and resources, and send energy to your future self for as long as it may take to make the final connection. Finding Your Ideal Job includes deep relaxation, positive visualization, affirmations and more.

From The Program

“...Imagine you’ve been sleeping a deep, sound sleep, for many hours, and you’re just beginning to stir awake. And the first thing you notice, is that you’re waking on a soft camp-side air mattress, high on a mountain top. It’s a clear night, and the sky is filled with more stars than you’ve ever seen, a breathtaking view. You’ve been dreaming about the next step in your career, and it occurs to you that perhaps the millions upon millions of stars before you each symbolize a job for someone on this planet…”