Overcoming Shyness – MP3


Use this program as the first step to expanding your world. 

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by Max Highstein

  • Introduction 1:42
  • Guided Meditation 20:53

Shyness can keep us isolated and alone. The prospect of being with new people seems daunting, and our limited attempts at socializing can be painful, so we decide it’s better not to try, and stay with the few people we’re comfortable with, or the dog or cat. As we loose the ability to connect with others, and our world becomes smaller and smaller.

Feelings of shyness are based upon deeply held beliefs that others won’t like us, won’t understand us, that we have little in common, and if we reach out we’ll ultimately be rejected and hurt. For shy people, fear of humiliation and shame is often the bottom line.

The cure for shyness begins with knowing that all of us want human contact, because we’re innately social beings. We all have something to offer each other, beginning with the simple ability to listen to another person and hear what they have to say. Through dialog we discover our commonalities. It takes some willingness to bypass our fear, and step out. But everyone can learn the simple skills of listening and talking to others, and with a little practice, shy people can learn to reach out and make new friends.

This guided meditation will help you get over the initial fear of connecting to others by visualizing yourself in social situations, easily meeting people, and enjoying the results. After a brief period of relaxation, you’ll experience yourself in three different situations: A restaurant with one companion, a small dinner party, and a large gathering or business networking event. In each place you’ll practice connecting with people, feeling comfortable and relaxed, and enjoying your time speaking and listening. Then you’ll plan your next step in overcoming shyness, and stepping out.

Use this program as the first step to expand your world!