Guided Imagery for Pain Control: Releasing Pain – MP3


Engage your mind-body connection to reduce your pain with this gentle program.

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By Max Highstein, Kitzie Stern narrates

Releasing Pain uses guided imagery for pain control in a gentle, easy to follow program. In this program you’ll engage your mind-body connection to release or reduce your pain. Often, our pain has a message it’s trying to relay to us. So, after a soothing relaxation, you’ll enter your “inner control room”. There you’ll find out what your pain has to tell you. You might be quite surprised! Then you’ll use golden light and rainbow-colored rain to make your pain smaller, and smaller, and send it on its way! The easy to follow program, with soft music and gentle narration, makes it one that everyone can use.

1) Releasing Pain – Guided Meditation – 16:24

2) Releasing Pain – Short Version – 9:42
3) Music from the Program – 16:24

Guided Imagery For Pain Control

The same physical conditions that cause one person to suffer can have little or no effect in another. Although the causes for pain may be physical, as often as not it can have an emotional, mental, or spiritual component. So it’s always a good idea to examine the situation from all sides. Guided imagery has been used in pain management for decades, to do just that.

In this guided healing meditation for natural pain relief, you’ll invite your pain it to communicate to you about its reason for being. It may have new information for you about your body, your feelings, your relationships, your life, any of which may be contributing factors. Once it has an opportunity to say what it’s been trying to tell you, it may no longer serve a purpose. That’s when you’ll apply the imagery in this program to make it dissolve and disappear. Pain be gone!

Guided imagery for pain contol is an effective strategy that helps you move your attention, detaching yourself from the physical pain. Meditation for pain can teach you deep physical relaxation, altering the meaning of pain and reducing its intensity.

Our Customers Say

"The Releasing Pain Guided Meditation has been greatly helpful in the few short hours I have had access to it. Today has been nearly pain free. I would say "Unbelievable" however I have always believed in possibilities. It is a wonderous gift to enjoy being nearly pain free." Customer testimonial. Name withheld for privacy.

From The Program

"Stepping forward onto the landing, you’ll find yourself in a beautiful, dome shaped room, filled with golden white light, and delicate soft energy that seems to envelope and embrace you. This is your control room, a space designed to help you connect with all that is good, and create deep and lasting positive changes within you. The work you’re about to do here will help you move through the world with more ease and comfort, and enjoy your life more fully.

There’s a comfortable chair in your control room, and you know you’ve got a lot to do today, so you take a seat. To begin, do a quick inner scan of your body, and notice the part that’s highlighting, for you to release pain. That’s where you’ll be focusing today.

Imagine that the pain you experience wants to better reveal its identity to you, and is beginning to take on its own three dimensional appearance. Notice or imagine or notice its size and shape. Imagine its color. Imagine the texture of its surface..."

And Now For Some Science

There have been countless studies on the use of guided imagery for pain relief showing positive results. One study in 2005 placed participants into groups: The treatment group received guided meditation for pain, while those in the control group were simply monitored. The researchers obtained verbal descriptions of pain before the study and at 4-day intervals.

Researchers identified 6 pain categories: never-ending, relative, explainable, torment, restrictive and changeable. Participants receiving guided meditation found their pain became changeable, and never-ending pain never resurfaced! Those in the control group found never-ending pain remained a constant theme.

This is only one of many studies, but it shows that guided imagery is really one of the best natural pain killers, and meditation for pain relief can help you overcome chronic health issues that are plaguing you, making it difficult to even enjoy life. Check our blog to learn more about research into guided imagery for headaches.