Visiting Saint Anthony – MP3


Walk with this loving holy man, and receive his help. 

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by Max Highstein • Program time: 15:30

Anthony of Padua was a Franciscan friar and teacher who helped his brothers and students worship devoutly, and stay on their spiritual path. Although he possessed great wisdom and oratory talent, he was a shy and humble man. He was, and remains, a warm and approachable soul, and we can easily connect with him and receive his kind and loving support.

Anthony is widely known as a “finder of lost objects”. And although many people regularly call upon him to help locate their car keys, he might be more accurately thought of as one who helps lost souls find their way. When we fall short he helps us find our moral compass and inner resolve, so that we can be the person we aspire to be. We can always bring our problems large and small to Saint Anthony, and he will generously help us with love, wisdom and support from on high.

In this guided meditation you will meet with Saint Anthony in his room, and walk with him under the stars, as he brings you advice and comfort for any concerns you many have.

From The Program

"...The sky is filled with millions of stars, helping to light your way, and the air is cool, and crisp. A deep feeling of peace settles over you, and you have a feeling of joyful anticipation, as each step carries you closer to your visit with Saint Anthony.

"Soon you come to the large wooden front doors of the ancient building, and quietly enter. No one is there to greet you, so you find your way to the hallway, where the monks have their rooms. It's dimly lit, but toward the end of the hall one door has light spilling out from underneath.

"And as you come closer, you see that a soft, golden glow radiates from all around the door, as if to welcome you.

"You knock softly, and hear the words, 'Come in'. Opening the door, you take in the small, simple room, the wooden cross on one wall, the small bed, and the little desk where Anthony is seated, a holy book in his hands. And you see that the soft golden glow you noticed outside his door is actually coming from Saint Anthony himself..."