Soul Overview – MP3


View your life from a higher perspective. 2 Programs. 

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by Max Highstein
Includes two guided meditations:

  • Soul Overview Part One — 18:30
  • Soul Overview Part Two — 18:30

We may believe we’re a soul in a human body, having human experiences. But when life gets challenging, it can be hard to remember that! Soul Overview helps you gain the higher perspective of your soul. From that vantage point, you can see your life in a new way, with deeper insight and understanding.

Soul Overview Part One takes you on an inner journey into your soul. There you’ll connect with your soul group — your true family — feel unified with them, and receive their love. You’ll have an overview of your life plan, and observe your life, your gifts, and your challenges from a higher perspective. Then you’ll jouney back into your life with greater understanding, compassion for yourself, and appreciation for your life.

Soul Overview Part Two builds upon the experience of Part One. In this inner journey you’ll have the opportunity to focus on specific challenges in your life, and bring in the wisdom and love of your soul, to help you move through life with more grace and ease. Then you’ll invite your own soul to come more fully into your life, to embrace you with love, and help you gain greater fulfillment here on Earth.

Use this dynamic two-part program to deepen your connection to your soul, expand your awareness, and bring higher love into your life. 

From The Program

Excerpt from Soul Overview Part One: "Up you go, past the place where words are important, and still further, even beyond where emotions would distract you. And when you can go no higher, you find yourself stepping through a door, outside of your body and into a state of pure consciousness, hovering like a cloud. You’re in an expanded state of being: Your own soul essence, pure and very present, in a non-physical form..."

Excerpt from Soul Overview Part Two: "Visualize yourself from high above, as if you were on a road or pathway, representing your life. Your pathway stretches far into the past, and far into the future, and it intersects with many other paths, where others travel..."