Visiting Padre Pio – MP3


Be blessed by this spiritual master and holy saint.

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By Max Highstein • 16:49

In this gentle meditation, you’ll find your way to a quiet garden by an ancient monastery. Padre Pio will join you there, and offer to lift whatever might be weighing on you inside. Then he will answer any question you may have, and provide guidance and support for any challenge you may face. Finally, you will receive his blessing, and then return home again.

Use this guided meditation to make a deep and lasting spiritual connection with this great teacher and lover of God and humanity. 

Also available: Awaken To Miracles With Padre Pio – A complete 5 Lesson Course!

Our Customers Say

"Was it the meditation, or was it just me? I received a healing yesterday when I listened to Visiting Padre Pio, and it carried with me through to today. The meditation was beautiful, and I loved the way you led me through the garden to meet him. Thank you so much!"

"I listened to the Padre Pio meditation and really loved it.  My visit with Padre Pio was very comforting, very much like my visit with Mother Mary when I was 9 years old. I will continue to listen to this wonderful and gentle meditation. Thank you, Max and Padre Pio!  I know my friends will love and appreciate it as I have." -- Listener appreciation. Name withheld for privacy.


From Brother Mark, OFM & Saint Francis Retreat House, Easton, PA:

"Your meditations are wonderful! Besides selling them in the gift shop, we recently used them on a contemplative retreat. For two of the Vespers services I substituted your guided meditations on Mary and Francis for the readings.

After listening to the Mary meditation, I looked out, and just about every person in the room was wiping his or her eyes. The meditation so moved them!!!

One woman, a 70 year old, came up to me as we were walking to the dining room and said, 'In all of my life I have never experienced the presence of Mary as I did during that meditation.' Then she added, 'That narrator's voice sounded so beautiful!' There was a similar response from the people the evening after we used the Francis meditation."

About Padre Pio

Padre Pio was a great master, priest, and monk known for countless miracles. Though he passed on in 1968, his spirit continues to touch all who reach out to him. He offers us wisdom, solace, blessings, and boundless love from above.

Though he became famous for bearing the stigmata, he was best appreciated for the love emanating from his presence, and for the miracles stemming from his touch, or from simply asking for his help in prayer.

Padre Pio lived most of his life in a small Italian village as a simple priest in the Capuchin order, an offshoot of the Franciscans. As word of his spiritual gifts spread, thousands came to receive his blessing from around the world, and letters poured in asking for his intervention. He was canonized in 2002 by Pope John Paul II. His most famous words are “Pray, hope, and don’t worry.”