Open Your Heart With Saint Francis – MP3 Course


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by Max Highstein & Mirabai Starr

A 21 Lesson Course:

  • Over 4 hours of Audio
  • 21 Guided Meditations
  • Written Instruction & Assignments
  • PDF & MP3 Downloads

Saint Francis of Assisi is a spiritual and cultural icon, but he is also a real figure we can call upon to help guide us in our daily lives. Love, kindness, and respect for each other and the natural world — these are the key components of Francis’ message, and at the essence of his character.

Open Your Spiritual Heart with Saint Francis is a 21 lesson course developed to help us do just that: Open our hearts to receive God’s love, and share it with the world around us. The lessons and guided meditations draw upon Francis’s words, but also upon him directly, and help us to experience his essence, from his heart to our own.

To work with this material is to have Francis nearby as a loving brother, teacher, and guide for a time, as we progress along our spiritual path. Walking with such a positive and powerful influence cannot but help to leave a deep and lasting impression.

Lessons include written material, instruction, and background on Francis, as well as a series of powerful guided meditations and exercises we can use to make a deeper connection with the Divine, strengthen our devotion, and put our love into practice. So that we can each become a more effective instrument of peace, inner healing is a key focus.

Canticle of the Sun, and Instrument of Thy Peace, Francis’ best known works, are the basis for the lessons. In these deeply inspired prayers we’re provided a window through which we can know Francis, and receive his mentorship and support.

Included in the lessons:

  • The Story of Saint Francis, by Sounds True author Mirabai Starr
  • 21 profound and beautiful guided meditations by Serenity recording artist Max Highstein
  • A quiet time of peace and rest within the heart, as one part of each meditation
  • Practical wisdom and direction to help you apply what you're learning to your every day life

Some of the topics covered:

  • Learning to access guidance from Francis
  • Becoming a pure and effective instrument of peace
  • Sowing love, faith, hope, light, and more
  • Experiencing the wonder and beauty of Creation and the natural world
  • Experiencing your connection to brother sun, sister moon, and mother earth.
  • Embodying the virtues of compassion, patience, humility and forgiveness
  • Letting go of sorrow, doubt, anger, and anything in the way of receiving God’s love
  • A water blessing, and a clearing using fire
  • Joining deeply with Saint Francis for your own inner healing



Lesson One: The Story of Saint Francis
Meditation: Welcoming Francis Within

Lesson Two: Instrument of Thy Peace, Overview
Meditation: Instrument Of Thy Peace -- Its Potential For Your Life

Lesson Three: Canticle of the Sun, Overview
Meditation: Love, and Your Connection To Creation

Lesson Four: Instrument of Thy Peace -- Let Me Sow Love
Meditation: Bringing Love To A Difficult Relationship

Lesson Five: Canticle of the Sun: Brother Sun
Meditation On The Sun

Lesson Six: Instrument of Thy Peace -- Let Me Sow Pardon
Meditation: Forgiveness

Lesson Seven: Canticle of the Sun -- Moon & Stars
Meditation on Moon & Stars

Lesson Eight: Instrument of Thy Peace -- Let Me Sow Faith
Meditation: Removing The Jacket Of Doubt

Lesson Nine: Canticle of the Sun: Wind, Air, Weather
Meditation: Surrender in the Face Of Hardship

Lesson Ten: Instrument of Thy Peace -- Let Me Sow Hope
Meditation: Focusing Hope Where Needed

Lesson Eleven: Canticle of the Sun – Water
Meditation: A Blessing With Water

Lesson Twelve: Instrument of Thy Peace -- Let Me Sow Light
Meditation: Becoming A Clearer Vessel For Light

Lesson Thirteen: Canticle of the Sun -- Fire
Meditation of Clearing With Fire

Lesson Fourteen: Instrument of Thy Peace -- Let Me Sow Joy
Meditation: Turning Sadness to Joy

Lesson Fifteen: Canticle of the Sun -- Mother Earth
Meditation: Empathy For Mother Earth

Lesson Sixteen: Instrument of Thy Peace -- Console, Understand, Love
Meditation: Placing Another’s Needs Before Your Own.

Lesson Seventeen: Canticle of the Sun -- Forgiveness
Meditation: Acceptance of God’s Plan

Lesson Eighteen: Instrument of Thy Peace -- Console, Understand, Love Part 2
Meditation: Life Review

Lesson Nineteen: Canticle of the Sun, Death & Lord Bless -- Doing God’s Holy Work
Meditation: Walking A Spiritual Path

Lesson Twenty: Instrument of Thy Peace, Final Segment --  Learning To Surrender
Meditation: Offering Up Whatever You Need To Let Go Of

Lesson Twenty-One: Writing Exercise: Francis’ Blessing To You.
Meditation: Walking With Francis Of Assisi


"Open Your Spiritual Heart with Saint Francis has really helped me become a much more peaceful and forgiving person. I see your meditations as a great gift that not only helped me connect with God but also maintain the deep spiritual connection I need in my daily life."

“I have just completed the first lesson and listened to the first guided meditation. It is really quite powerful.”

"I am on lesson 10 and my heart is opening more and more each day. Learning more about the inspirational Saint Francis is an incredible experience! These daily lessons are truly life changing for me and Max Highstein's voice is so comforting during the guided meditations! l Love this course, and I am so grateful to have found it."

“I'm doing the lessons everyday and I think you've done an awesome job combining the narrative with the meditation with the homework on each of them. As I go through the course the lessons have been deepening with some beautiful messages especially the mindfulness about nature and releasing old resentments. I love the music in the meditations, so simple and so beautiful, and your voice is very soothing. Thank you!”

"It has been only 10th meditation form your new course with St.Francis but I am already experiencing miracles in my life! And today another one.. I just want to tell you how grateful I am to you for all your work to help others feeling happy and full of Love. You have really helped me to change my life for better, love people around me and love myself, appreciate every day and night of my life and beautiful world which surrounds me.. I have never been so happy in my life as I am now and my heart is full of faith, hope and Love. I will be always grateful to you, God, St. Francis and.. myself for this wonderful lesson!"

"Well its day 8 and all i can say is wow.Every day a deeper appreciation and communion with all of life occurs.Thankyou to everyone involved in this course - I feel such bliss."

“Very lovely and heart-opening. I consider myself a deeply spiritual person with strong connection to the earth, so I've been drawn to Francis of Assisi despite that I'm not a religious person. This spring, I found a statue of Francis for my garden, so I'm pleased now to find this program to augment my connection, knowledge, and awareness.”

“Very calming in this world of uncertainty and turmoil. Thank you for this work.”

“I have been taking some transformational seminars in which St. Francis was used as an example of deep love. Then our minister used St. Francis in his sermon on Sunday. Now, I receive this invitation to join this course on St. Francis. I do not believe in accidents. I signed up immediately. Thank you, God for loving me and teaching me how love myself, God and others by this great example of real love.”

“Just finished 1st lesson - thank you! I feel my heart more open already.”

“I just completed the first lesson. This is wonderful! I enjoyed it very much. St. Francis is my favorite Saint. I can't wait until tomorrow's lesson.”