Receiving Grace – MP3


Meet with angels, masters, healers and loved ones, waiting to channel God’s love into you. 

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by Max Highstein • 14:43 

Use this guided meditation, Receiving Grace, to tap the power of prayer for your own healing, for resolution of any situation you may face, or to relieve suffering of any kind.

Journey into the heavens to a temple of light, where you’ll meet with angels, masters, healers and loved ones, waiting to channel love from the Creator, into you. Receive their grace, and their messages of peace and healing. Then receive God’s love directly within your heart, as the Creator reads your deepest prayers, and responds with grace for your highest good.

From The Program

"...Standing within this temple, you’re joined by many beings of light -- angels, masters, healers, and loved ones -- all of whom have come to help channel God’s grace, and bestow blessings upon you. There is such a feeling of light-hearted love and warmth here among you, as if it were a quiet celebration. And there/s a sense of great anticipation, and reverence in the air, because this meeting is an opportunity for a visit from the Creator. Everyone forms a circle in the temple of light, and one of the beings invites you into the center..."


From The Author

"As seen from above, illness, hardship or adversity is just part of the tapestry of life, and the soul’s journey here on earth. When we get sick or face difficulty, our soul has something to learn from the experience, and growth to be gained. The question is, how much suffering is necessary for the growth to occur. This is where grace can come in!

"Grace is the extension of God’s love through creation. And by opening to grace, we may gain the growth and learning our soul needs, with less suffering.  When we ask for grace, we put our whole situation -- the suffering, the learning, and the outcome -- into God’s hands. Another way of saying this is we turn it over to our higher power, or we pray for our highest good.

"When it comes to grace, angels and spiritual figures of all kinds can play an important role, through the great love they transmit. When we’re in the presence of love, and we open to it, it changes us. If we allow it to, pure love can help us let go of all sorts of negativity -- whether it’s physical, emotional, or mental. And letting go of negativity is always a good thing when it comes to healing and growth.

"So being in the presence of love can make a big difference in our recovery. And it always makes a big difference in our growth.

"Use this guided meditation to help connect with love at the deepest level within, call upon the support of Spirit, and facilitate your own healing and growth, for your highest good.

Max Highstein