Mediation develops intuition

Meditation Develops Intuition

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Meditation has undeniable positive effects on both the mind and the body, but as Huffington Post blogger Anne Hartley explains, meditation also develops intuition. Hartley describes a significant moment in her life as a financial planner, when she used meditation to tap into her intuition. Just prior to the 1987 stock market crash, she took time to meditate on the shifting trends in the market and listened when her intuition indicated that bad things were on the horizon. It was a difficult decision, but she encouraged her clients to pull out of the market bare days before the “Black Monday” crash. Many of them refused, but several reacted quickly, even going so far as to arrive at her offices to personally put in their redemption requests. The clients who listened to Hartley and her intuition survived the crash and actually made money from the transaction. Later, she asked some of these clients why they had agreed to pull out; almost universally, they credited their own intuition. 

Hartley’s example is particularly dramatic, but the combination of education, intuition, and spiritual guidance can help you through both dramatic situations and everyday life. Learning to quiet and focus your mind through meditation is an initial step toward clearer and more accurate intuition. 

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