Meditation Develops Intuition

Meditation has undeniable positive effects on both the mind and the body, but as Huffington Post blogger Anne Hartley explains, meditation also develops intuition. Hartley describes a significant moment in her life as a financial planner, when she used meditation to … Read More

Corporate Mindfulness

Some of the largest and most prestigious companies in America are working to undo decades of “multi-tasking tendencies” to encourage mindfulness at work.Mindfulness techniques like meditation and guided imagery can help people prioritize tasks, focus, and maintain emotional stability during … Read More

Guided Meditation for Investors

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Guided Meditation for Business Professionals

In Fargo, North Dakota, business people are using guided meditation to balance careers and personal lives, handle problems on the job, and create calmer, more productive workplaces. Fargo On Purpose is a meditation group designed for business leaders and entrepreneurs. … Read More