Releasing Judgment

Being in judgment makes us feel a little more secure about ourselves, momentarily. Here’s what else it does: It creates a false sense of separation between ourselves and others It puts us squarely in the ego and the intellect, and … Read More

Harmony West

This week I interview Harmony Rose West. Harmony West weaves parent coaching, women and girl circles, and energy balancing into a tapestry of services that help women and girls be strong. Harmony exemplifies someone who’s working on herself with honesty … Read More

Your Guardian Angel

I’ve always felt connected to the angelic realm, and love feeling the presence of angels. But I didn’t focus much on the concept of guardian angels, or focus on my own, until recently. I was reading up on the life … Read More


I’ve gotten a really good look at arrogance in my life, to the point where I can feel it almost immediately whenever I’m in it, and of course spot it in other people even more easily. So what exactly is … Read More

What’s A Blessing?

I’m going to recite a very old joke that my father used to tell: A fine Jewish doctor had done very well in his practice for many years, and to reward himself, he went an bought a new Jaguar sports … Read More

Love From Above

I believe that love is pouring into humanity from above. I use the word “above”, but you could say from God, or from whomever or whatever your favorite substitute word for God is. And I believe that this love from … Read More


The word Processing has recently come into common parlance with a new meaning, having to do with our human response to life. Maybe you’ve heard it used that way, or used it that way yourself. I suppose processing started out … Read More

Trust Your Gut. Or Not.

Recently someone asked, “Why is it so difficult to follow my gut?” No other information was provided with the question, and here’s what I answered. Your “gut” is actually the wrong place to look for intuition, contrary to popular belief. … Read More


Clearing is a new idea for most people, and new ideas often seem strange. People used to feel strange about things like proper diet, flossing, and exercise. Over time we’ve learned that these things drastically improve our quality of life. … Read More

Hey Big Talker

I talk for a living, at least a lot of the time. But I also do a lot of listening. I listen to my clients – to what they say, and what they don’t say. And it’s my job to … Read More

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