Love From Above

I believe that love is pouring into humanity from above. I use the word “above”, but you could say from God, or from whomever or whatever your favorite substitute word for God is. And I believe that this love from above can be received and experienced and lived in by each of us.

I believe in love from above because I perceive it, experience it, and feel it. Not on a constant basis. But when I stop the mental chatter, drop into my heart, open, and receive, it’s there.

You’ve heard me talk about this before, if you listen to my podcast. But I’m pointing this out now, in this way, because I want to emphasize the immediacy, and the availability of this experience. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in a good mood, or feel guilty about something, or just won the lottery. Love is here, and waiting for each of us, right this moment. It knows us each in minute detail. And it wants to be received and experienced, whenever we’re open.

How can you become more open, right now? Try this. Think of something or someone you love, something or someone that makes you feel very, very good. Or, think of a spiritual figure you connect; someone you admire, or feel inspired by. Take a moment to focus. Now, drop down as best as you can, into your heart center, the chakra or energy center in the middle of your chest. Just hold a soft focus there for a moment, and begin to take slow, deep breaths. Now, imagine, or envision, yourself opening there, wider, expanding, and connecting with and receiving an outpouring of love from somewhere high above you, or deep within you, if you prefer. You could imagine it’s a pink, or green, or rose color. It might feel like water, or flower petals. Or just like love. Continue to take slow, deep breaths.

Keep opening, expanding, receiving. Be gentle, and don’t try to force anything. It’s OK if you feel it, and OK if you don’t. I’ll give you a moment.

One way to think of this love, is almost like an intoxicating perfume that pervades the air. It makes us feel good, happy. It sweetens us. If we stay in it a while, it tends to bring emotional healing. We find it easier to let go of the past, let go of old pain, forgive ourselves and others.

At the stage where we tap into love, feel it, and have us sweeten us, it begins to seep into our lives in various ways. We begin to make different choices about what we do or say, when things don’t go our way.

I say we begin to make different choices, because it’s a beginning, and long embedded patterns and habits take effort to change. Just because we begin to receive more love, doesn’t necessarily mean we have different circumstances in our lives, at least not right away. We still get presented with challenges. We still get our feelings hurt, and get headaches and hangnails. Stuff we don’t like still takes place. We still have to change the old patterns, bit by bit.

Heart MeditationsBut the love that comes in helps us soften and make better choices, choices that would support more love. We gain the courage to be more honest, which is always a challenge for us here. To admit to feeling hurt, take responsibility for acting out of pain when we do that, and so on.

Love from above doesn’t necessarily come out of thin air. Often it comes from someone who cares enough to be with us, and love us, just as we are. Either way, for our lives to change, it’s still up to us to open and receive that love, and let love have its way with us.

I know quite a few people who’ve lived in emotional pain for decades. They came into rough family situations, got traumatized by abuse or neglect early on, and pretty much suffered through years of just getting through life, wearing very tough armor. With emotional armor like that, very little love can come in, very little real love can go out. Same condition for decades. People who were religious, or spiritual, went to all kinds of personal growth seminars, meditated, prayed, and tried to be the best people they could be. And recently, say in the last five or ten years, healing has occurred. Finally enough love was able to get into their system, that they could let go of the past, and start to de-armor themselves. It’s like waking up from a bad dream, and finding out that things are really OK. Not perfect, but life is good, and all is well.

If you feel like you’ve been stuck for a long time, don’t make the mistake of thinking it will always be that way. Keep re-focusing in your heart, and making yourself available for love. Love is waiting for us to open.

You can find guided meditations and programs designed to help you open your heart and receive love at my website, the healing waterfall dot com. Some of them are even free, like Love Makes a Shift, Meditation for Word Peace, and Guided Meditation for Inner Peace. You can go deeper with my program, Heart Meditations, and make a connection to spiritual figures and higher support under the category, Spiritual Connection. Hear samples, download programs or get the CDs you want, all at The Healing Waterfall dot com. Thanks for listening!

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