Your Guardian Angel

Your Guardian Angel

I’ve always felt connected to the angelic realm, and love feeling the presence of angels. But I didn’t focus much on the concept of guardian angels, or focus on my own, until recently. I was reading up on the life of Padre Pio, the 20th century mystic and saint. He was quite intimately in touch with his own guardian angel, and talked about it a good deal with his contemporaries. Inspired by his devotion, I began meditating on my guardian angel, and found that to be a very inspiring and enriching experience. I thought you might want to know why.

So today, without further ado, here are the top 12 things your guardian angel can do for you.

  1. Help you relax and rest. Your guardian angel knows what excites you, and what calms you. She/he can help you refocus on peace, harmony, and serenity, to help you have that much needed peace of mind we all crave.
  1. Help you let go of what’s not working. When you’re stuck in a bad frame of mind, your angel can help you release it.Meet Your Guardian Angel
  1. Help you know what to do (follow your heart). When you’re torn between two things, or you don’t know which direction to take, your guardian angel can help. She/he has the overview of your life plan. Watch, listen, and let your angel point the way.
  1. Help you heal. Need to know which doctor to see, which medicines to avoid, and which to take? Need guidance on how much rest you need, and when to start getting back to your routine? Need a nudge to know what not to eat? Your angel can help you with all of this.
  1. Help you feel love. Want to feel loved? Just ask your guardian angel, and they will pour love into you. It’s their very favorite thing to do. Open and receive.
  1. Find that great relationship. Your guardian angel can help you love yourself, and then lead you to the others who will love you best.
  1. Help you with your work. Know what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. Your guardian angel can offer advice and support to help you get all your work done, the best way possible.
  1. Get you out of pain and sadness. Need a lift? Just ask and receive.
  1. Have fun. Your angel knows all the best ways.
  1. Boost your creativity. Every creative endeavor goes better with angels. Whether you want to sing, write, paint, dance, weave, or design buildings, ask your angel for inspiration.
  1. Connect spiritually. This is your guardian angel’s specialty. Just ask your guardian angel to help you feel that deep inner connection to your higher source, and then sit back and receive.
  1. Send a message of love. Ask your guardian angel to send a message of love to your best friend. He/she will tell your friend’s guardian angel, who will tell them. They’ll receive it.

You can get in touch with your own guardian angel simply by closing your eyes, getting quiet inside, asking for a connection, opening and receiving. He or she is right there with you, this very moment.

If you’d like to some help, I invite you to try my program, Meet Your Guardian Angel. You can find that, and all my work, at The Healing Waterfall dot com. Thanks for listening!

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