Creating Your Reality? Seriously?

Somewhere around the middle of the last century, the self help movement, or more specifically self help authors and seminar leaders, began to espouse the notion that you create your own reality. An early version of this message came in … Read More

Sad Puppy?

Are you way bummed about our recent election, and the future of our country? I know a lot of people who are. I was too for a few minutes. But that’s all the time I’m willing to devote to the … Read More

My Little Tyrant

I have a 6 year old inside of me who gets angry and manipulative when he doesn’t get what he wants, when he wants it. You could call this guy my inner child, I suppose, but it’s more like he’s … Read More

Want A Psychic Reading? You Sure?

I know of lots of people who think there’s no such thing as a real “psychic”, and that all readings are nothing more than a sham and a waste of time and money. I even know people who think anything … Read More

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