Spiritual healing meditations! Many different kinds of guided imagery programs to choose from. Healing is a very personal experience. Make it your own with these beautiful recordings!


Remote Healing
Absent Healing

Hold a strong, loving focus to help those you love, through the healing power of grace.

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Receiving Grace
Receiving Grace – MP3

Meet with angels, masters, healers and loved ones, waiting to channel God’s love into you. 

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Clearing Your Energy
Clearing Your Energy – MP3

Learn how to clear negativity within and around you.

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River Of Light
River of Light – MP3

Healing energies, angelic blessings, and whispered messages of love from above.

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The Healing Light
The Healing Light – MP3

Invite The Healing Light into your body, and allow it to help you relax, transform, and heal from within.

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Awaken To Miracles With Padre Pio
Awaken To Miracles With Padre Pio

Experience the presence of this great saint in a 5-lesson course.

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Healing Trauma With Archangel Michael
Healing Trauma With Archangel Michael  – MP3

Michael helps you release burdens from the past.

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Making Peace With God
Making Peace With God – MP3

If you’ve been feeling discouraged, alienated or disillusioned with God, this program can help. 

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Angel Pouring Light
The Healing Waterfall III – Angel Pouring Light

Exquisite! Gentle narration, a magical script, and soothing original music, all gracefully combined.

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12 Cosmic Healers
12 Cosmic Healers – MP3

Archangels send healing light and sound to 12 different areas of your body.

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