Just a few of the hundreds of testimonials — letters, cards, and emails we’ve received.

Guided Imagery Scripts

I sent this book to an inmate who conducts meditations in prison. He and his participants love this book. – Verified Amazon Review

Meditations in Prison

Clearing Your Energy

“I bought 2 of your MP3 downloads today! I listened to Clearing Your Energy – it’s terrific! Thanks for what you do.”

Clearing Your Energy

Guided Imagery Scripts

“I listened to my first Max Highstein cassette tape back in the late 80’s and I have been listening and recommending them to my clients ever since. Max has a true gift of creating vivid imagery that leads one to such deep inner places to discover profound peace, tranquility, confidence and newness. Now, to have the scripts to use in session immediately right in the moment is exciting.

Discover Profound Peace

Angel Guided Meditation

I have used this for so many years I had to replace it. It is a great meditation at bedtime. Verified Amazon Review

Great at Bedtime

Music For Massage

This is slow, soothing guitar music, lightly accented with flute & keyboard. Although there are only 2 songs, it’s a full hour of music, the 1st song blending smoothly into the next. It’s perfect for massage or any form of relaxation.

Perfect for Massage

Guided Imagery Scripts

“A good resource to reference for anyone who leads meditation groups. Many topics for meditation presented.” Verified Amazon review.

For Meditation Groups

Guided Imagery Scripts

“The words are beautiful, the energy sweet and the possibilities of deep healing by the use of this book is profound.” Amazon verified review

Profound & Beautiful

Max Highstein Music

“Flying Not Falling” by Max Highstein is a magnificent New Age music album! The acoustic sound gives it wide appeal. Initially it is easy to label “Flying Not Falling” as pretty and uncomplicated. But listen closely and you will appreciate the life wisdom it represents. It is impossible to feel sad while listening to it. In a world of conflicts and negativity, that is a rare quality. B.T. Fasmer


Guided Imagery Scripts

“I use it at work with Dual Diagnosis clients.”

Clinical Use

Perfect Guided Meditations

“I have listened to so many different guided imagery downloads lately to try and find a style that suits me. The ones I heard on this website are just so wonderful and the only ones that suited.”

These Are Just Right!

meditation to reduce crime

I use this meditation often. When I get so stressed as to compromise my delicately balanced immune system, a couple listens to this audio and I quickly return to happy, healthy self. I think everyone should know about this audio and use it as part of their self-care, self-responsibility program.

Self-Care Program

Guided Imagery for Hospitals & Clinics

“The meditations are superbly written and Max [the narrator of most of the programs, Max Highstein] has a velvet voice… very calming.”

Superbly Written!

Healing Waterfall 2

This is a great CD for relaxing and unwinding. Stress be gone!!!!! If you want a one of a kind, class A meditation CD, this is IT!!! Verified Amazon Review

Stress Be Gone!

I have suggested this guided imagery if someone has never tried meditation.The woman’s voice is soothing and guides you through a wonderful journey into relaxation. The cd is not to long and it is a wonderful introduction into stillness. The most common comment someone will tell me after using this is, “I just didn’t want to come back.” It has been one of my favorites for years.

Wonderful Journey Into Relaxation

Guided Imagery Scripts

“I am a psychologist and often teach my patients relaxation and mindfulness techniques. This book is perfect for my practice. It has a variety of guided imagery scripts for many different situations. I have gotten great feedback from my patients when I use these in session.”

Perfect For My Patients

Guided Imagery Scripts

Excellent resource for chaplains! I am using this resource in my spiritual care work at a nursing home and on a detox unit. So far the patients have loved it. The guided imagery scripts are powerful and inclusive. It helps me to have well written scripts to read from and not have to make it up as I go. I highly recommend this book. — Verified Amazon Purchaser

Great resource for hospital chaplains!

Guided Imagery Scripts

“What a beautiful book! I feel so supported energetically by simply holding it in my hands, and when I read one of the 100 meditations provided, my heart awakens, my soul soothes and my mind quiets. Max Highstein has provided a beautiful anthology of guided meditations. As a busy minister who has led meditations for over 30 years, it is refreshing to open up this book and find a new idea, a new flow and be inspired to new heights.” Aliza Bloom

Beautiful Anthology of Guided Meditations

This is probably my all time favorite guided meditation. I listened to it continuously after a neck surgery where I was so drugged up you’d have thought I could not possibly know it was even playing…but apparently, every time the tape ended I moaned to someone to start it over. I lost it (or lent it) and looked for it for years. Was glad to see it out on CD! The lady speaking on the tape [Jill Andre] has a voice that is perfect for this sort of thing, and the journey you take is fun and healing. I highly recommend this!

All Time Favorite

This CD saved my sanity! It helped me so much recover from a very difficult time in my life and truly soothed my soul.

Saved My Sanity

Guided Imagery Scripts

“If you are new to meditating, this is perfect for you, as it will lead you into yourself in a way that bypasses your mind and touches your heart. If you are an old pro – or facilitator even, this book is also for you, as it will be the perfect go to on a busy day or when you are feeling a bit empty, stretched or looking for a fresh idea. I highly recommend The Healing Waterfall: 100 Guided Imagery Scripts for Counselors, Healers & Clergy.”

For Newbies or Old Pros

Guided Imagery Narration

“Max, your voice itself is so healing and soothing. There’s something inherently healing just in the sound. I think your empathy comes through.” [addressing Max Highstein, the narrator of most of the programs.]

Healing Narration


“I love these programs, especially the spiritually based ones. They make the most loving gifts for those in need. As a RN I find them great to use with patients and others as an added healing modality.”

Spiritual Guided Meditations

Relaxation Music

Another great recommendation for relaxation – highly recommend purchasing if you are looking for good CD. Loved that the songs can be preview and listened to before purchasing. – Verified Amazon Review

Amazing For Relaxation

New Age Music by Max Highstein

Perfect blend to soothe the soul and inspire the mind. My office becomes a haven with the quieting melodies!


Max Highstein Music

Flying Not Falling is still in the CD deck in my car, as it’s one of the really good ones. I know the album very well. You’ve produced a beautiful work… the production with such clarity that brings the featured musicians’ instruments is so near, you might as well be there. This album is truly lovely. Your choice in ebb & flow is satisfying, and before you realize, it’s over, & it’s playing again! A lot of talent going on there. I took the opportunity to listen to some of your previous work. You certainly get ‘New Age’ and see the development of the genre. It’s a pleasure to listen too.”

One of the Really Good Ones

Max Highstein Music

“I have finally gotten a chance to sit down and really listen to “Flying Not Falling”. First of all, the packaging is lovely. The mix is awesome. Your compositions are all unique. You and your musicians are wonderful. I really love how uplifting all the music is, not cloying like so many New Age submissions. My favorites are “Earthtones”…should be part of a soundtack! Lake Shrine…which makes me want to go out into the woods and listen to it again. Also Helium…floats…as it should, I suppose. I’m listening to “Let’s Talk” right now, which I think would lend itself nicely to lyrics. Anyway, this is on the top of my New Age list.”

Top Of My List

Relaxation Music

Want to get away? Make a change? Here is the opportunity to leave the stressful life you are experiencing. The music on this CD will allow you to relax and dream of another time – another place. It will capture your imagination and your heart as well. Don’t miss it. Life is too fast – take a moment. You won’t regret it.

Leave Stress Behind

Guided Imagery Scripts

I bought this book several months ago and love it so much! It gives me so much inspiration for my meditation. — Message via Facebook

So Much Inspiration

Relaxation Music

This is absolutely beautiful and wonderful relaxing music. I have quite a few relaxation CD’s, but this is my favorite. I go to sleep to one every night. I also lay down on my bed and listen to them when I am depressed or stressed out. I am sending one to my mom for Mother’s Day. Thank you so much for this wonderful CD!! – Verified Amazon Review

Absolutely Beautiful

Guided Imagery Scripts

“For many years I worked in public and private schools with children, using guided imagery. I’ve been a long time fan of Max Highstein’s guided imagery programs of all kinds, and when I saw that this was coming out I ordered it. Now that I have the book in hand I can attest that it’s an excellent resource, clearly presented, and potentially useful for a variety of helping modalities and professions.”

Excellent Resource

Guided Imagery Scripts

“This is such a wonderful book assisting me when I am holding meditations. There are so many different types of meditations to choose from. I highly recommend this book!!” – Verified Amazon Review

Highly Recommended!!

Music For Massage

Bought it for my wife who heard it at a friends house. She loves it. It’s great background music when you want to concentrate or read.

Great Background Music

I absolutely love this CD. I can put it on and play a single track at night and the progressive relaxation meditation (starting at your feet and working all the way to the top of your head) at the beginning helps me fall asleep on even the most restless nights.

Progressive Relaxation

Personal Growth

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your enriching and deeply fulfilling guided imagery meditations. I am at the cusp of a deep shift in my life–one of renewed creativity and strength–thanks to you!”

Enriching & Deeply Fulfilling

Guided Imagery Scripts

I love your book of guided meditations. They are really wonderful. I am starting to work with people who are healing from trauma and these are PERFECT. — Thank you note from a counselor.

Healing From Trauma

Guided Visualization for Success

“I just wanted to let you know how fantastic my husband and I find your guided visualizations – they are so healing, peaceful and seem to have a deeply transformative effect, so thank you for all the work you and your team have put into making them so meaningful and helpful.”

Fantastic Guided Visualization

New Age Music by Max Highstein

Perfect blend to soothe the soul and inspire the mind. My office becomes a haven with the quieting melodies! – Verified Amazon review.


We were fortunate enough to know one of the pioneers in the field of guided imagery and the study of its effectiveness. This particular CD, out of my full collection, is the most outstanding. I own both this one and Healing Waterfall II and both are equally high value. Excellent purchase, and I recommend them both.

Most Outstanding

Guided Imagery Scripts

“This is an awesome work of art for anyone who helps others with guided inner journeys of many topics. We use this book in group sessions and individual sessions with people in recovery of emotional problems. We have enjoyed Max Highstein’s many CD’s as well. We are sure this book will help everyone because it has so many topics. Thank you, Max, for publishing this remarkable book.”

Recovery of Emotional Problems

Guided Imagery for Surgery

“I found [these guided meditations] years ago, and they have been helpful and soothing companions during the day, but more often as I go to sleep at night, or wake up in the middle of the night and need help falling back to sleep. He even has one that helped me relax pre-surgery.” (From Youtube)

Guided Imagery For Surgery

Massage Music

I was first exposed to Max Highstein’s music at one of my acupuncturists’ offices and fell immediately in love with it. I bought a bunch of CDs of Max’s music, but then one of them got accidentally broken, which is why I bought this one on Amazon. If you’re overly stressed (who isn’t, these days) and need appropriate music for yoga, meditation, acupuncture, massage, you name it, I highly recommend this disc in particular. I feel it’s the best of the series.

For Meditation, Massage…

The Healing Waterfall Guided Meditation

I have listened to this for over 25 years as my favorite relaxation/guided imagery cd!!! Deborah M., verified Amazon review.

Best Relaxation Guided Meditation

Waterfall meditation guided imagery for deep relaxation and healing.

A friend of mine gave me your CD, The Healing Waterfall. I listened to that CD for years! I had a major life change and suffered anxiety, and it was the only way for me to fall asleep. I am forever thankful!

The Healing Waterfall

The Healing Waterfall Guided Meditation

If you are new to meditation… This is a must… Both the waterfalls collection are fantastic… Even a seasoned meditator will enjoy the relax… — iTunes 5 Star Review

The Best

The Healing Waterfall

I had The Healing Waterfall on cassette many years ago and used it with very good success for anxiety disorder. I am repurchasing it now on CD for help in treating an auto-immune disease. I find the imagery very soothing, and very easy to achieve complete relaxation. Would highly recommend. Healing and relaxing.

Soothing, Healing & Relaxing

Healing Waterfall and Healing Waterfall II are my absolute favorites. I purchased the CD’s from a local music store and have listened to them may times over. They helped me through a very traumatic time in my life. Thank you for them! I don’t know what I would have done without them.

Helped Through Traumatic Time

Healing Waterfall 2

I bought this for my daughter and I to use. Sunday afternoons we use guided meditation to relax and have a nap. It’s great to teach your kids how to meditate when they’re young starting with guided meditations. They’re fun too!! Verified Amazon Review

Fun Too!

I have bought dozens of this guided imagery CD over the years to give as gifts. It is one of the best one I have ever heard. The music is very calming and relaxing. The imagery is so peaceful and tranquil. This is a CD I give to people who have never tried guided imagery and are hesitant to try it… So far everyone who has tried this has felt blessed by it. It is one that I can listen to again and again and never get bored with it.

One Of The Best

“I just wanted to thank you for your beautiful music and guided meditations. I enjoy them so much…. and am really becoming so much more relaxed and in tune with myself. Thank you for all you the beauty you create!”

Beautiful Music!

Guided Imagery Scripts

“I am delighted with The Healing Waterfall: 100 Guided Imagery Scripts for Counselors, Healers & Clergy! I’ve been a fan of Max Highstein’s work for many years. His rich imagery weaves entrancing journeys of healing, peace and insight. The variety of scripts are amazing. From meditations for families, for 12 step work, deepening one’s spiritual connection, this script book is a treasure trove for those who do guided imagery. Many of my favorites…like The Healing Waterfall and the Healing Well are there.”

Treasure Trove of Guided Imagery

Max Highstein Music

“I am listening right now… and it is just stunning. Such thoughtful compositions, beautiful production, and the instrumentation is gorgeous. I am especially pulled in by the piano and the flute, but of course it is how the whole ensemble comes together that makes the piece so special.”  White Sun (Gurujas Khalsa). Best New Age Album Grammy Winner, 2017.

Just Stunning

Guided Imagery Scripts

“Max Highstein’s book of guided imagery scripts contains wisdom, heart and a huge amount of variety. Whatever healing situation you’re working with, there is a guided meditation here that you can share with your clients and patients. The author encourages us to offer these meditations in our own voice, in our own way, while also giving helpful advise on how to do it well, so that every healing session becomes an expansion of love and light. Highly recommended!” – Ana Holub

Wisdom, Heart & Huge Variety

Angel Guided Meditation

Very calming… I love Angels and this CD painted a beautiful picture…

I Love Angels

Guided Imagery Scripts

Amazing book guiding me and others through process of be still and meditation! Thank you! — Verified Amazon Purchaser

Beautiful book!

Guided Imagery Scripts

“Outstanding. Exceeded expectations. I currently incorporate Highstein’s Healing Waterfall’s imagery scripts into my work. I used to borrow scripts from a number of different books, now this is only (or mostly only) book I use. Very comprehensive and applicable. Thank you!” – Chary, Verified Amazon Review

Exceeded Expectations

Relaxation Music

Complex, calming, wonderful mystical melodies to drift off with, make slow love to, meditate in. Max deserves 5 stars.

Superb Performance

Max Highstein Music

Flying Not Falling is just delightful! I was immediately charmed by the positive energy and warmth this music exudes; it’s actually a CD which has found permanent residence in my car because listening to it does wonders to combat the stress of traffic! I think the music composition itself is wonderfully varied, layered, complex and offers new elements to discover with each successive listening! Moreover the musicians performing here are superlative and enhance the quality of the musical material through their pristine attention to detail! I say an enthusiastic “Bravo” to all who contributed their collective talents to this album! – Jesse B.

Just Delightful

Guided Imagery Scripts

I currently use many of your scripts for myself, and read them occasionally to my coaching clients. The amount of success I’ve had with these scripts is incredible. I have tried several other scripts and they haven’t come close. — K. via email

Incredible Success

Guided Imagery Scripts

“I was very pleased to receive this book and start using it for myself and others. The guided healing meditations are powerful tools for so many different applications. There are guided visualizations for a wide array of issues. If you are a Psychotherapist, Energy Healer, Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, or looking to do your own personal work for yourself, add this book to your back pack of life tools. Love this book!

Love This Book!

This is an imagery and relaxation exercise that was introduced to me in Holistic Nursing classes and grad school. I find it opens a door to the imagination that beautifully offers peace and tranquility.

Door To The Imagination

Spiritual Guided Meditation

I just wanted to tell you how blessed I feel to have found you. I love your work, I can feel the good energy that surrounds it that comes from you. Thank you for shining out in the crowd for those of us who are trying to help also. Love your work! — Guided meditation customer

Good Energy

Music For Massage

I’ve been looking for meditative massage music that is guitar based, not new age synth based and this is the best I’ve found over 12 different CDs.

Best I’ve Found

guided meditation for sleep

“I’ve purchased many of your meditations over the last few years and I wanted to thank you for all the work that you do. Your meditations have been a great source of comfort and the sleep meditations have provided me with many night’s rest.”

A Great Source of Comfort

I’ve had this CD for years and listen to it regularly at bedtime. It is very easy to relax with this guided imagery, and I highly recommend it for someone looking for a way to set aside the issues of the day so that you can get to sleep.

Helps Me Relax

Guided Imagery Scripts

I love this book so much!!! I’m a yoga instructor but I have also used it to read to my teenagers before bed to calm them or ease their stress. The meditations where they get to walk with Jesus have been so special! I highly recommend this book! 100 meditations and they are each so powerful. The AA 12 step meditations are so beautiful! I have loved every single one I read. — Zekechi – Verified Amazon Purchaser

Love this book!

The Healing Waterfall Guided Meditation

This meditation offers so much imagery it’s so easy to get swept away in the magic of it!!! Love love love!!!!! Amazon verified purchase review.


Music For Massage

The two cuts on this disc have been very helpful in our lives. We even used cut #1 as relaxing music for one of our house cats while she was battling cancer; her treatment included energy work here at our house by a top Reiki expert. We use this disc during massage, acupuncture, self-hypnosis and more. We own a number of Highstein discs, but this is our favorite. Verified Amazon Review

Favorite for Massage, Acupuncture, Self-Hypnosis

Max Highstein Music

Amazing album! The musicians take the melody to a higher ground. A must for your music collection.

Amazing Album

Guided Imagery for Sleep

“Sleep is something that does not come easy to me… until I got this CD! [Sleep Well Tonight – guided imagery for sleep] I have played it every night and I have NEVER heard the end of it!”

Guided Imagery for Sleep

Guided Imagery Scripts

“I sent this book to an inmate who conducts meditations in prison. He and his participants love this book.” Verified Amazon review.

Meditation in Prison

Max Highstein Music

“I put it on and I danced. It made me feel the true innocence and joy of being alive. So excited to move to this music every morning now. What a way to start my day. Your gift is… stunningly beautiful. An opening of the heart.” Victoria L.

Stunningly Beautiful

Wonderful Meditations

“Yours are the only guided meditations I’ve ever paid for. They sound wonderful — way better than anything else I’ve heard.”

Best Guided Meditations

Max Highstein Daydreams

I love Max Highstein’s music, and this is my favorite album (although I recommend all of them.) Whenever I play this friends want to know what music is playing and how they can get this album. This is a compilation from various albums, and works well to set a tone of joy, peace, (even good for massage)and feeling good. I highly recommend this album. Sanaya Roman, author Living with Joy.

My Favorite

Guided Imagery Scripts

“The scripts are well written and in an easy to read format so one can use them just as they are. I also think they will be easy to adapt for different clients and situations. The imagery is beautiful, drawing one deeply into the meditation. I’m looking forward to using these in my practice and my personal life. I highly recommend this collection to anyone interested in working with guided meditations.” – Marguerite Ogle

Beautiful Imagery

Guided Imagery Scripts

“I was very pleased to receive this book and start using it for myself and others. The guided healing meditations are powerful tools for so many different applications. There are guided visualizations for a wide array of issues. If you are a Psychotherapist, Energy Healer, Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, or looking to do your own personal work for yourself, add this book to your back pack of life tools.” Tawn E. Head

Powerful Tools

Max Highstein Music

Exquisite!! A musical healing journey for the soul…and the production quality and musicianship are top notch!!! A true gem… you’ll be uplifted! Get this CD, you won’t be disappointed that’s for sure! Valerie Giglio


Guided Imagery Scripts

“Even as long as I have done this work sometimes, trying to come up with my own words for a guided visualization is difficult and now to have at my fingertips, scripts FAR more effective than anything I would come up with in the moment is truly a godsend. My clients tell me they find the results of the deep calming and restorative effects help to remind them of a place deep within where they feel they are safe and that it seemingly resets something in their nervous system. Max Highstein’s scripts are truly exquisite and powerful!” – Deborah Roberts

Exquisite & Powerful!

Guided Imagery for Corporate Gifts & Premiums

I purchased the Healing Waterfall series many years ago and absolutely loved them. I haven’t listened to them for some time and then began doing so before bed and remembered how much peace they give me. I purchased 6 Guided meditations from you last night and started on them and they are wonderful. You have a beautiful gift. Thank you for producing such high quality meditations.

A Beautiful Gift

Max Highstein Music

“I really enjoyed listening to Flying Not Falling this morning. Your music is fresh and up-lifting. I love the combination of instruments and sounds.”

Fresh & Uplifting

Guided Imagery Scripts

“I specialize in helping sexual trauma survivors and those who have survived a life threatening illness to recover from the trauma. Having these beautifully scripted, illustrious scripts for taking them on a healing journey to soothe their soul is invaluable.

Beautifully scripted, Illustrious Scripts

Guided Imagery Scripts

“This book has quickly become a favorite. I find I can open it up at any beginning of a script, and I feel I am entering a magical and real world of love and fulfilling endeavors. Max Highstein has a unique way of beautiful language that touches the heart of healing.”

The Heart of Healing

Max Highstein Music

Overall, Flying, Not Falling is a brilliantly crafted masterpiece. The music is novel, spirited, and spectacularly rendered and most definitely varied and distinctive enough to hold your interest throughout the album. In fact, every time we listen to it, we notice something that we didn’t hear before—and we have no hesitation listening to this album again and again. But of course, as we have noted throughout this review, it is the outstanding work Max does weaving together into a single tapestry the various threads of creative expression, style, and sound that is the real standout quality of this album. For that reason, we give the album our highest possible recommendation! – Robert W. Martin

Brilliantly Crafted Masterpiece

Max Highstein Music

“This is absolutely delightful music! It is inventive. It is fun. It is interesting. It is beautifully played and produced. Max Highstein is a wonderful composer and musician and here he has brought all his talent forth.”

Wonderful Composer

Guided Imagery Scripts

“Lots of great scripts. I use all the time for facilitating classes.” Amazon verified review.

Great Scripts!

Guided Imagery Scripts

I highly recommend this superb book. This collection is wonderful, and I will be using it for myself and in my social work practice. – Suzanne S., Amazon verified review.

Superb for Social Work Practice

The Healing Waterfall Guided Meditation

I’m new to meditation and was really surprised at how great this guided cd was. Very relaxing. The tension and stress melted away. Highly recommended. Steve & Betty – verified Amazon review.

New To Meditation

Guided Imagery for Corporate Gifts & Premiums

“You have amazing products that got me through some very rough times.”

Amazing Products!

Guided Imagery Scripts

I just wanted to commend and thank you for your fantastic book of 100 guided imagery scripts. I have been looking for scripts of this caliber for years! They are superb. I use them for myself and am a MSW candidate, so I will be using them with clients. 

MSW: “Superb!”

Guided Imagery Scripts

“This is a fantastic book of guided meditations. I use it almost daily.” Amazon verified review.

I use it almost daily.

Stress Reduction

“I’ve got to tell you how much I love your work. I’ve been listening to your guided imagery CDs for years now and have found them to be so relaxing and up-lifting. I come home from work every day and put one of them on, and instantly begin to feel peaceful. I’ve tried other CDs, but I always come back to yours. Thank you!”

Relaxing and Up-Lifting

The Healing Waterfall Guided Meditation

My son (and I) love The Healing Waterfall. It has eased him into a gentle sleep on many occasions as well as introduced him to meditation. I am forever grateful.

Forever Grateful

The Healing Waterfall Guided Meditation

The Healing Waterfall is one of the best guided meditations there is. I’ve been listening to this and The Healing Waterfall II for years, originally on cassette. I’ve never found anything better. – K.C. D. Verified Amazon review.

One Of The Best There Is

Guided Imagery Scripts

Since receiving this book a month ago, I have read it aloud to myself and clients DAILY. As we have shifted much of our work online, offering relaxation with shavasana at the end of yoga poses has been tricky
I have been offering free wellness for our front line workers, and this book is a blessing. — C. Alexander. Verified Amazon Purchaser

An incredible tool for wellness

Guided Imagery Scripts

I work in assisted living and lead a meditation twice a week. This book has been a gem.. — Verified Amazon Purchaser

Great book for guided meditation

Guided Imagery Scripts

“I teach meditation to an all male population in a Recovery Center. This has given me SO many beautiful healing meditations to bring to them! Thank you for publishing this!”

Beautiful Healing Meditations

Best Guided Meditations

“I’m not sure how I found your website, but I do have to tell you, this is one of the best guided meditation sites I have listened to.”

Simply The Best!

Guided Imagery Scripts

“Max Highstein’s Healing Waterfall is a great resource for a stressed out world. The guided meditations and creative imagery help us re-connect with the most vital part of our selves–our deep, still center.” Jonathan Crews

Great Resource for a Stressed-Out World

EXCELLENT! I had this year’s ago on cassette, and wore it out! I love it so much, that I got a copy for my best friend! And a new one for myself as well!


Guided Imagery Scripts

This is an AMAZING resource for guided meditation scripts. Nothing like it; nothing so extensive! — S. Bracebridge. Verified Amazon Purchaser

Amazing resource

Healing Waterfall 2

This is one of my favorite CDs. I originally had this on a cassette tape, and I am so glad I found it on a CD. I am very pleased with my purchase. It arrived on time, packaged well, and in excellent condition. Verified Amazon Review

Very Pleased

Max Highstein Daydreams

I am a new fan of Max Highstein. I had never heard of him before buying this cd. Wow! I love to relax to this music. I constantly think of happy things while listening to it, and drift off to a wonderful sleep. I have tried a lot of relaxation cds, and this is the best! Thanks Max!


Max Highstein Music

Flying Not Falling is musical magic! The arrangements are fresh and original, the production is superb, and the performances brim with wonderful surprises. This music lends us wings!” — Rob Whitesides Woo

Musical Magic

guided imagery for stress reduction

I first owned this exceptional piece on cassette 20 years ago. The bought the CDs to give as gifts. Best guided meditation ever!! The voice is beautiful and soothing. The music soft and supportive. The journey is healing and powerful. I love both Lightbeing and The Healing Waterfall.

Healing & Powerful

Thank You with much love for helping to heal me with The Healing WaterfallA dear friend gave me the CD as a gift when I was going through a difficult time. I listened to it nightly for about 5 years. It always helped to get me to sleep. I just downloaded 8 new mp3’s and I am so excited!

Helped Me Heal

Guided Imagery Scripts

So great don’t know how I lived without this book before! So great for my clients. — Verified Amazon Purchaser

Life changing!!

Healing Waterfall 2

I had the cassette of this recording and, as you know, they tend to wear out. It was great to find this on Amazon as an MP3 download. I really like then peacefulness of the artist’s voice and also the background music. I tried to start meditating a long time ago but just gave up. I started again recently and this is one of my preferred guided meditations.