Healing Trauma With Archangel Michael  – MP3


Michael helps you release burdens from the past.

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Program & Music by Max Highstein
Narrated by Kitzie Stern • 

Trauma can be healed. In this guided meditation, lovingly narrated and supported by powerful healing music, Michael helps you release burdens from the past that you may have thought were yours to carry forever. 

Studies reveal a staggering percentage of adults have at some point been subject to physical or sexual abuse, with a large percentage of incidents occurring during childhood. Fortunately, the figures have been decreasing in recent years, and will hopefully continue to do so. But the effects of abuse and other kinds of trauma stay with us, and can seriously hamper our ability to live peaceful, fulfilled lives.

There are many ways to heal wounds from the past, and guided imagery combined with a spiritual component can be especially effective. Done well, it provides access to our deepest inner resources, using faith as a bridge to release the past.

Archangel Michael is a deeply meaningful spiritual figure to many. With his huge presence and powerful sword of light, Michael is lovingly thought of as a holy protector; a kind of “spiritual super hero”. A dynamic part of our collective consciousness, he is as real and alive as we allow him to be. And when we open to him by sincerely asking for his support, he comes present.

From The Program

“Stepping into Michael’s chamber of transformation, you travel back to the original point in time when your trauma occurred. Watch yourself arrive at this event, and you’ll see that Michael is already there to protect you. Instead of harm coming to anyone, Archangel Michael creates a screen of safety, made with your favorite color of light, around you and anyone with you. He stands by you and remains there until the scene can run its course.”

From The Author

"So many of us carry wounds of past trauma. Stemming from experiences in early childhood to adulthood, such wounds include the effects of molestation, abuse, combat, and even natural disaster. Although many kinds of therapy can be helpful in healing past wounds, ultimately it’s an inside job. It’s up to each of us to decide when we are ready to open, to receive the love and support we need to heal, and to let go of the past.

"I developed this guided meditation based on my own experience of trauma, healing, and of Michael the Archangel. I have every confidence that if you want to heal, and are open to the support, Michael is prepared to offer it, and can help you release the past.

"Whatever path to healing you choose, I wish you many blessings. And most of all I wish you the strength to keep going until you get what you need, and beyond."

Max Highstein