Q. Where are my downloads?
A. Click the “Downloads” link on the left side of the My Account page.

Q. I ordered CDs. Where are they?
A. CDs are normally shipped within 1 business day of your order. If you think it’s been too long, feel free to Contact Us and we’ll check the shipping status of your order for you.

Q. I can’t download my files to my iPhone
A. The iPhone or iPad itself does not have a provision for downloading directly. In order to play your downloads on the iPhone, you’ll need to either only play them from our Downloads page, or import them into iTunes on your iPhone or iPad…

Q. How do I import your MP3 files to iTunes on my iPhone or iPad?
A. It takes a few steps:

  1. Begin on a computer (not a phone or tablet) that has the iTunes program.
  2. Log into your Healing Waterfall account, and DOWNLOAD your MP3 files to your computer.
  3. Import the “songs” (your audio files — guided meditations, etc.) into iTunes on your computer.
  4. Connect your iPhone or iPad to the computer, and sync your “music” (audio files) from the computer to your mobile device.
  5. Once your downloads have been imported into iTunes on your mobile device, you can listen to them there.

Q. My downloads are not here. OR, I only see some of my downloads. Where are the rest?
A. You must use the same email address for your log-in that you used when you placed your order. You may have placed more than one order, using two different email addresses. Try logging in with your other email address and you may find the rest of your downloads.

Q. When I click the “PLAY” button, nothing happens. 
A. Please make sure your speakers are turned on and the volume is not at zero.

Q. I DOWNLOADED the file, but when I try to play the file it doesn’t work.
A. Some of the MP3 files are large, and take a while to download. If you try to play them before they are completely downloaded, they will not work. Please try again and give it a few minutes or more, depending upon the speed of your internet connection.

Q. My downloads do not download all the way. They get stuck in the middle. 
Are you using a Wi-Fi connection with a tablet? Such connections are notorious for breaking files in the middle.Our files are high quality, so they are larger than usual. Please try downloading from a more stable wi-fi location or one with a stronger signal. If you still can’t get a good download, let us know.

Q. Everything is stuck. 
A. Software sometimes gets stuck for no apparent reason. If things are not working, try the following:

  • Refresh your page. If that doesn’t help…
  • Clear the cache in your browser*, restart your browser, refresh the page and try again. If that doesn’t help…
  • Try a different web browser — Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. (Internet Explorer is the browser most likely to have problems!)
  • If you’re using a mobile device, completely turn it off and restart it. That may be the only way to restart the browser on your phone, iPad, etc.

Q. *How to clear the cache in my browser?
A. Do a Google search for “clear cache in ____ (your browser — Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) and you’ll quickly find detailed instructions on how to clear your cache.

Q. Can I use your meditations/music/programs for my counseling practice etc.?
A. Please read our Terms and Conditions page…


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