Absent Healing


Hold a strong, loving focus to help those you love, through the healing power of grace.

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Calling In Grace For Someone In Need

by Max Highstein 

  • Introduction/Lecture: 5:19
  • Guided Meditation: 20:19 

Absent healing, or “distance healing” is something like praying for another person. But it’s done in a very specific way. To begin, we get in touch with love at the deepest level within us that we can. From there, we ask that grace be extended to our friend or loved one, for their highest good.

We can do this process for anyone, no matter where they are. That’s because pure love goes beyond the physical dimension. That’s why it’s called “absent healing”!

In this guided meditation, you’ll travel to a heavenly temple of light. There you will connect with universal love deep within, and call upon the support of angels, masters, and spiritual healers. They will help you bring God’s grace to the one you would most like to assist. Using this program makes it easy to hold a strong, loving focus. That way you can be at your best, to help those you love.

From The Program

“...A powerful light pours forth from above, from the source of all creation, through all of you, and into your friend. The force of this energy moving through you is at first almost to powerful for you to bear, but you quickly adjust and find it easy to relax, open, receive, and transmit.

Take some time to continue to stay present with this energy, and allow it to pour through you, as you imagine your friend receiving it for their highest good...”

Our Customers Say

"I enjoy using the Absent Healing meditation to send healing to those I love. The visualizations are beautiful and powerful. I also love how you end the meditation with some time for self-healing. Thank you so much for creating the this recording -- I highly recommend it!"

"The information you share in the introduction to this meditation is so helpful and good to hear -- it really clarified a lot of things for me about spiritual healing... As soon as I heard your voice begin the meditation I experienced a clearing inside. This has been a wonderful way for me to connect inside with my family, and send them love, and I'm very grateful."

From The Author

"My friends and I have been practicing absent healing in one form or another for many years, usually when someone we know is ill or in trouble of some kind. It’s always a beautiful process to connect inside on the level where love is, beyond the emotions and the intellect. It feels wonderful, and gives me an opportunity to let go of any stress I may have around the situation, by placing everything in God’s hands. I find it especially true in doing absent healing that giving is as good or better than the receiving.”

Max Highstein