Making Peace With God – MP3


If you’ve been feeling discouraged, alienated or disillusioned with God, this program can help. 

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By Max Highstein

  • Lecture – 7 Minutes
  • Guided Meditation – 21 Minutes

Perhaps you’ve looked at human suffering, either in your own life, or from a distance, and thought, “If God were real, surely He wouldn’t allow this to go on. Why doesn’t He do something? Where’s all the LOVE He’s supposed to be so famous for?” Often from our vantage point, God doesn’t seem kind, to say the least.

When we’ve suffered through difficult situations, tried everything, and found no way out, we can end up frustrated, bitter and angry at God, life, and ourselves. The negative outlook colors everything we see, and eventually becomes “normal”, until we’re no longer even aware we’re holding it.

In Making Peace With God, intuitive guide and spiritual facilitator Max Highstein first offers a unique, healing perspective on the subject. Then he leads you through a guided meditation to help you let go of negativity, and make a positive shift deep within. If you’ve been feeling discouraged, frustrated, alienated or disillusioned with God, this program can help.

From the Author

"I’m not here to speak for God -- there are plenty of people already claiming to do that. What I'm interested in is helping you make your connection to God within -- for spiritual guidance, love, and support. But what I’ve discovered is that many of us have a big block in the way of that connection, and the block consists of the accumulated pain, anger, fear and sadness we carry inside, often without realizing it.

"All of us have this to some degree, and it’s very common for some of that negativity to be directed toward God. So common in fact, that we’ve come up with alternate names for God, since the word itself is so charged. Instead of God, we call it Universal Love, or Source, or our Higher Power. Somehow those terms feels cleaner, and don’t carry the religious connotations we grew up with, that have made us uncomfortable with the word God, if not the concept.

"Well, I think God probably doesn’t get hung up on what we call him -- or her. But no matter what euphemism we use, deep inside we know we’re talking about something unfathomably big, powerful and beyond our control, yet an intimate part of ourselves in some mysterious way. And because of that intimate relationship, having a grudge against God always translates to being out of sync with ourselves. If the word 'God', or anything about the notion of God makes us uncomfortable, that very discomfort is an indication of unfinished business inside. In order to make true spiritual progress, that does need to change. God may or may not change, but it’s what’s going on inside of us that matters.

"It’s an inside job. And so in this program I offer a perspective you may find unique -- and one I think will bring you peace, at least on the intellectual level. Then I’ll lead you through a guided meditation to help you drop down from the intellect, and make a shift on a much deeper level, inside. Please join me. If you’ve been feeling alienated or disconnected from God, this can help."

Max Highstein