Awaken To Miracles With Padre Pio

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Experience the presence of this great saint in a 5-lesson course.

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This is a 5-Lesson course. Find Visiting Padre Pio, the single meditation here.

Padre Pio: Man of Miracles

An extraordinary man known for countless miracles of healing, people the world over have always flocked to Padre Pio. They still do! A prominent spiritual figure during his lifetime, Padre Pio is even more loved and admired today.

Mystic, Spiritual Master & Saint

A humble priest, Padre Pio touched thousands of souls, and helped transform the lives of all who sought his guidance and comfort. He was a man of miracles known for accurately predicting future events, reading souls, bilocation, and for bearing the stigmata throughout his life.

Ready To Extend Love & Support from Above

Padre Pio lived 81 years from 1887 to 1968, and was canonized “Saint Pio of Pietrelcina” in 2002. Today people turn to him in greater numbers than ever before, finding solace, healing, and encouragement from this great saint and spiritual master. When the request is sincere, Padre Pio always answers our call.

Miracles With Padre Pio

This course has been designed as a portal through which you can receive Padre Pio’s love, guidance, and miracles. Throughout each lesson Padre Pio will help you to:

  • Open and expand your connection to the spiritual world
  • Bring blessings into your daily life
  • Inspire hope and deepen your faith in the goodness of Creation
  • Let go of worry and stress
  • Expect, behold and receive miracles

Lessons Include:

  • Connecting With Your Guardian Angel through Padre Pio
  • Clearing Doubt, Fear, and Burdens of Conscience
  • Bilocation to Visit and Help Loved Ones
  • Pray, Hope & Don’t Worry
  • Awakening To Miracles With Padre Pio

Padre Pio recommended meditation and self-examination twice daily: Once in the morning, as preparation to face the day, and once again in the evening, as retrospection. In our course, each lesson includes written information, and two guided meditations: One each for morning and evening.

Padre Pio is here to support your happiness and spiritual growth. Begin this course now, and expect the unexpected! Connect with Padre Pio and awaken to miracles today!



"I listened to the first Padre Pio meditation and really loved it. My visit with Padre Pio was very comforting, very much like my visit with Mother Mary when I was 9 years old. I will continue to listen to this wonderful program. Thank you, Max and Padre Pio! I know my friends will love and appreciate it as I have." -- Student appreciation. Name withheld for privacy.

"Was it the meditation, or was it just me? I received a healing when I listened to the first Padre Pio meditation yesterday, and it carried with me through to today. The meditation was beautiful, and I loved the way you led me through the garden to meet him. Thank you so much!" -- Student appreciation. Name withheld for privacy.

"I am starting my second week of this course. I am enjoying it and finding it very comforting listening to the meditations. -- Student appreciation. Name withheld for privacy.

"I am just started the second week of this course and am so grateful for it. It is a beautiful way to deepen my centering morning and night and such a gentle heart opening. Padre Pio usually comes and sits down on my left, but this morning he sat on my right side and it was interesting to notice how that felt different. Have a great day! -- Student appreciation. Name withheld for privacy.

"I love spending time with Padre Pio. I begin the fifth lesson today.Like so many have mentioned, your voice and the music set the perfect tone for the meditation. I can visualize Padre Pio so easily and do notice how one can easily melt into his gaze. Thanks so much for this inspiring course! -- Student appreciation. Name withheld for privacy.

"Just listening to your voice, reflecting on the messages I receive, is like a warm, inviting stream in the desert of winter's chill. Many thanks for making this course available and affordable! -- Student appreciation. Name withheld for privacy.

"I thank you for giving this course with Padre Pio. The upper realms gives us so much through the merits of this Master. Your meditations are very beautiful, the music, your voice are like drinking a cool refreshing drink in the desert of life. -- Student appreciation. Name withheld for privacy.