Spiritual Figures: 14 Guided Imagery Scripts (PDF)


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Fourteen Guided Imagery Scripts for Spiritual Connection, by Max Highstein

Healers, nurses, counselors, clergy and teachers will find these scripts helpful for your patients, clients and students. Read these scripts aloud, either solo or accompanied by your own background music or nature sounds. Or use some of our backgrounds. Includes Max Highstein’s suggestions and instructions for voicing guided imagery.

Scripts Included in this package:

Link to each program above to read and hear excerpts of these scripts. 

You will receive 14 beautifully written scripts in PDF form. Use these scripts in your classes, groups, private sessions, or events. Not for resale or distribution in any form.




Readers Report

Guided Imagery Scripts

“This is a fantastic book of guided meditations. I use it almost daily.” Amazon verified review.

I use it almost daily.

Guided Imagery Scripts

“I use it at work with Dual Diagnosis clients.”

Clinical Use

Guided Imagery Scripts

I love this book so much!!! I’m a yoga instructor but I have also used it to read to my teenagers before bed to calm them or ease their stress. The meditations where they get to walk with Jesus have been so special! I highly recommend this book! 100 meditations and they are each so powerful. The AA 12 step meditations are so beautiful! I have loved every single one I read. — Zekechi – Verified Amazon Purchaser

Love this book!

Guided Imagery Scripts

“A good resource to reference for anyone who leads meditation groups. Many topics for meditation presented.” Verified Amazon review.

For Meditation Groups

Guided Imagery Scripts

“Outstanding. Exceeded expectations. I currently incorporate Highstein’s Healing Waterfall’s imagery scripts into my work. I used to borrow scripts from a number of different books, now this is only (or mostly only) book I use. Very comprehensive and applicable. Thank you!” – Chary, Verified Amazon Review

Exceeded Expectations

Guided Imagery Scripts

Since receiving this book a month ago, I have read it aloud to myself and clients DAILY. As we have shifted much of our work online, offering relaxation with shavasana at the end of yoga poses has been tricky
I have been offering free wellness for our front line workers, and this book is a blessing. — C. Alexander. Verified Amazon Purchaser

An incredible tool for wellness

Guided Imagery Scripts

“I sent this book to an inmate who conducts meditations in prison. He and his participants love this book.” Verified Amazon review.

Meditation in Prison

Guided Imagery Scripts

“I am delighted with The Healing Waterfall: 100 Guided Imagery Scripts for Counselors, Healers & Clergy! I’ve been a fan of Max Highstein’s work for many years. His rich imagery weaves entrancing journeys of healing, peace and insight. The variety of scripts are amazing. From meditations for families, for 12 step work, deepening one’s spiritual connection, this script book is a treasure trove for those who do guided imagery. Many of my favorites…like The Healing Waterfall and the Healing Well are there.”

Treasure Trove of Guided Imagery

Guided Imagery Scripts

“This is such a wonderful book assisting me when I am holding meditations. There are so many different types of meditations to choose from. I highly recommend this book!!” – Verified Amazon Review

Highly Recommended!!

Guided Imagery Scripts

“Max Highstein’s Healing Waterfall is a great resource for a stressed out world. The guided meditations and creative imagery help us re-connect with the most vital part of our selves–our deep, still center.” Jonathan Crews

Great Resource for a Stressed-Out World

Guided Imagery Scripts

“If you are new to meditating, this is perfect for you, as it will lead you into yourself in a way that bypasses your mind and touches your heart. If you are an old pro – or facilitator even, this book is also for you, as it will be the perfect go to on a busy day or when you are feeling a bit empty, stretched or looking for a fresh idea. I highly recommend The Healing Waterfall: 100 Guided Imagery Scripts for Counselors, Healers & Clergy.”

For Newbies or Old Pros

Guided Imagery Scripts

I sent this book to an inmate who conducts meditations in prison. He and his participants love this book. – Verified Amazon Review

Meditations in Prison

Guided Imagery Scripts

“I am a psychologist and often teach my patients relaxation and mindfulness techniques. This book is perfect for my practice. It has a variety of guided imagery scripts for many different situations. I have gotten great feedback from my patients when I use these in session.”

Perfect For My Patients

Guided Imagery Scripts

“Lots of great scripts. I use all the time for facilitating classes.” Amazon verified review.

Great Scripts!

Guided Imagery Scripts

“I listened to my first Max Highstein cassette tape back in the late 80’s and I have been listening and recommending them to my clients ever since. Max has a true gift of creating vivid imagery that leads one to such deep inner places to discover profound peace, tranquility, confidence and newness. Now, to have the scripts to use in session immediately right in the moment is exciting.

Discover Profound Peace

Guided Imagery Scripts

I just wanted to commend and thank you for your fantastic book of 100 guided imagery scripts. I have been looking for scripts of this caliber for years! They are superb. I use them for myself and am a MSW candidate, so I will be using them with clients. 

MSW: “Superb!”

Guided Imagery Scripts

“I specialize in helping sexual trauma survivors and those who have survived a life threatening illness to recover from the trauma. Having these beautifully scripted, illustrious scripts for taking them on a healing journey to soothe their soul is invaluable.

Beautifully scripted, Illustrious Scripts

Guided Imagery Scripts

I highly recommend this superb book. This collection is wonderful, and I will be using it for myself and in my social work practice. – Suzanne S., Amazon verified review.

Superb for Social Work Practice

Guided Imagery Scripts

“Even as long as I have done this work sometimes, trying to come up with my own words for a guided visualization is difficult and now to have at my fingertips, scripts FAR more effective than anything I would come up with in the moment is truly a godsend. My clients tell me they find the results of the deep calming and restorative effects help to remind them of a place deep within where they feel they are safe and that it seemingly resets something in their nervous system. Max Highstein’s scripts are truly exquisite and powerful!” – Deborah Roberts

Exquisite & Powerful!

Guided Imagery Scripts

I currently use many of your scripts for myself, and read them occasionally to my coaching clients. The amount of success I’ve had with these scripts is incredible. I have tried several other scripts and they haven’t come close. — K. via email

Incredible Success

Guided Imagery Scripts

“This is an awesome work of art for anyone who helps others with guided inner journeys of many topics. We use this book in group sessions and individual sessions with people in recovery of emotional problems. We have enjoyed Max Highstein’s many CD’s as well. We are sure this book will help everyone because it has so many topics. Thank you, Max, for publishing this remarkable book.”

Recovery of Emotional Problems

Guided Imagery Scripts

I bought this book several months ago and love it so much! It gives me so much inspiration for my meditation. — Message via Facebook

So Much Inspiration

Guided Imagery Scripts

“I was very pleased to receive this book and start using it for myself and others. The guided healing meditations are powerful tools for so many different applications. There are guided visualizations for a wide array of issues. If you are a Psychotherapist, Energy Healer, Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, or looking to do your own personal work for yourself, add this book to your back pack of life tools. Love this book!

Love This Book!

Guided Imagery Scripts

I love your book of guided meditations. They are really wonderful. I am starting to work with people who are healing from trauma and these are PERFECT. — Thank you note from a counselor.

Healing From Trauma

Guided Imagery Scripts

“I teach meditation to an all male population in a Recovery Center. This has given me SO many beautiful healing meditations to bring to them! Thank you for publishing this!”

Beautiful Healing Meditations

Guided Imagery Scripts

I work in assisted living and lead a meditation twice a week. This book has been a gem.. — Verified Amazon Purchaser

Great book for guided meditation

Guided Imagery Scripts

“The scripts are well written and in an easy to read format so one can use them just as they are. I also think they will be easy to adapt for different clients and situations. The imagery is beautiful, drawing one deeply into the meditation. I’m looking forward to using these in my practice and my personal life. I highly recommend this collection to anyone interested in working with guided meditations.” – Marguerite Ogle

Beautiful Imagery

Guided Imagery Scripts

Amazing book guiding me and others through process of be still and meditation! Thank you! — Verified Amazon Purchaser

Beautiful book!

Guided Imagery Scripts

“Max Highstein’s book of guided imagery scripts contains wisdom, heart and a huge amount of variety. Whatever healing situation you’re working with, there is a guided meditation here that you can share with your clients and patients. The author encourages us to offer these meditations in our own voice, in our own way, while also giving helpful advise on how to do it well, so that every healing session becomes an expansion of love and light. Highly recommended!” – Ana Holub

Wisdom, Heart & Huge Variety

Guided Imagery Scripts

“This book has quickly become a favorite. I find I can open it up at any beginning of a script, and I feel I am entering a magical and real world of love and fulfilling endeavors. Max Highstein has a unique way of beautiful language that touches the heart of healing.”

The Heart of Healing

Permissions & Restrictions
For Guided Imagery/Meditation Scripts

The scripts in this package are the intellectual property of Max Highstein, and Desert Heart Recordings, Inc. By purchasing a copy of these scripts you may use them within certain limitations:

You may use the scripts for:

  • Personal use with yourself, family, and friends.
  • In live one-on-one or group sessions with other people, patients, clients, and congregations.
  • To make a recording for individual friends, clients, and patients.

Limits For Recordings To Be Duplicated, Broadcast, Distributed, Or Used Commercially

If you would like to make a recording using these scripts for your website, social media, You- tube channel, distribution, broadcast, or any commercial purpose, you may do so under all of the following conditions:

  • You have fewer than 100 followers
  • You limit the total number of scripts by Max Highstein to no more than three
  • You include the following attributions:
  1. At the beginning of each audio or video recording, state the following: “This is a script by Max Highstein, from his book, ‘The Healing Waterfall, 100 Guided Imagery Scripts for Counselors, Healers, and Clergy,’ available from The Healing Waterfall dot com.”
  2. And in the written information of your post or broadcast, include the following at the beginning of the information, so it can be seen without someone having to click on “more” or scroll down: “The script for this guided meditation is by Max Highstein, from his book, ‘The Healing Waterfall, 100 Guided Imagery Scripts for Counselors, Healers, and Clergy,’ available at https://www.TheHealingWaterfall.com”

For Additional Commercial Use

If you would like to use any of the scripts by Max Highstein for commercial use beyond the limits above, a commercial license is available. Costs vary depending upon your use and the number of scripts, but begin at $200 for up to three scripts. Please contact max@maxhighstein. com for further details.