Guided Meditation for Bach Flower Essence Cherry Plum – MP3


Peace and tranquility is just a step away.

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Step Into Serenity


By Max Highstein • About 15 Minutes • Corresponds to the Bach Flower Essence Cherry Plum

For Desperation and Fear Of Loosing Control of the Mind. Using This Program With The Bach Flower Essence Cherry Plum Can Help!

Step into Serenity and discover cool water to soothe a troubled mind.

When you feel as though you’ve had just about all you can take, take a guided mediation break with this. The gentle narration, soft music, and the sound of a mountain stream will bring you some much needed peace and tranquility. Walk along a well worn path by a mountain stream, rest your feet in the cool water, and healing begins. Using this program along with the Bach Flower Essence Cherry Plum can be helpful.

From the program: “…Let the sound of the stream fill you. It speaks to you in a language your body and mind can hear, and understand. As you listen, it will bring you peace, and healing. Take some time to simply relax, walk along this path, listen, and be restored…

“Soon you come to a large, smooth rock, a resting place at the edge of the water. Here you can sit, take off your shoes, and rest your feet in the cool water. The water begins to turn into silver colored light. Let the light flow up into your feet, into your legs, through your hips and up into your torso, through your shoulders, arms, neck and head, until it’s flowing all through you. Let this silver light clear away any distress, leaving you calm, peaceful, and serene…”

This is an easy to follow program that anyone can enjoy. Let this program, together with Cherry Plum, help you find peace within, where it is waiting for you.