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Releasing Control & Learning To Trust


By Max Highstein • 12.5 Minutes • Corresponds to the Bach Flower Essence Vine

Control Issues? Using This Program With The Bach Flower Essence Vine Can Be Helpful

If you’re taking the Bach Flower Essence Vine, this guided meditation can be helpful. The need for being domineering and for maintaining strict control over others comes from deep fear and insecurity. Learning that there is a higher plan to life, and that we can trust in life and in other people, is a deep lesson. It’s also not an easy lesson to learn, so it can be a challenge indeed. The Bach Flower Essence Vine can help make a shift in our system, to help us let of the negativity connected with this issue. And this program can help bring deeper understanding and clearing on a mental-emotional level.

In the inner journey you’ll find yourself in a number of situations where things may not seem to be going the way you would like. You’ll have the experience of feeling a sense of letting go of control, along with the feeling of positive resolution. You’ll also have an opportunity to imagine what your life might be like, without the need to control.

Excerpt from the program: “…Just then you hear the cab driver speaking to you, telling you that you’ve arrived. You stir from your dream, and you’re back in the cab, now at your destination. You feel more rested than you’ve felt in years, and something has shifted inside of you. You want to approach life differently, without the heavy burden of having to control everyone, and everything around you. You recognize that by letting go, and allowing life to have its way, you actually gain more, have a more enriching experience, and feel better. It’s true there’s a certain element of risk, but that’s always the case. And this way, there’s a feeling of freedom, integration, and happiness that’s been missing. Take a few moments to consider what your life might be like, if you were to take some of the control you’ve held so tightly, and begin to loosen, and let go….”

By experiencing the feeling of trust and release of control in a safe, comfortable way, you’ll allow yourself to begin making a shift within to becoming a more positive, trusting person.