Yale Uses Guided Imagery to Understand Addiction

Researchers at Yale University are using guided imagery to study and understand addiction. Professors Kathleen Garrison and Marc Potenza, led a study analyzing MRI brain scans of both smokers and non-smokers as they reacted to a guided imagery program designed to stimulate … Read More

Children’s Hospital Uses Guided Imagery for Stress Reduction

The Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital, a Stanford University Medical Center, has begun using guided imagery as part of their stress reduction and coping plan for families. The Child and Family Life Services team is made up of a staff of professional counselors … Read More

How Meditation Increases Happiness

Science shows that for most people, their personal level of happiness or contentment remains constant over time and is not ultimately affected by particularly good or bad events. Although a good or bad event may affect personal happiness in the short … Read More

Meditation and Imagery for Health

Meditation is widely known to be beneficial to your physical health, and a recent article in JAMA Internal Medicine shows that meditation also has a significant impact on depression, anxiety, and pain. The research is reinforcement for many clinics and … Read More

Guided Imagery for Health

More and more, the mainstream western medical establishment is adding alternative therapies to patients’ overall treatment plans. These alternative therapies usually lead with guided imagery for health. Often patients receiving excellent traditional medical care still fail to improve. Linda Silwedel, … Read More

Guided Imagery for Children and Families

The Gazette in Colorado Springs this week reports on a new class offering guided imagery for children. For years, Katy Allred has taught adults to meditate, but after having her daughter 18 months ago, she realized that children could benefit from … Read More

How Meditation Works

In a recent interview with the Washington Post, Dr. Sara Lazar discussed her findings from the first neuro-imaging study on the effects of meditation and how meditation works in the brain. Numerous studies have shown the benefits of a meditative … Read More

Guided Imagery for Disease

Speaking with MD Magazine Allison Fine, a counselor with Counseling for Inner Balance in Seattle, discussed how guided imagery can help patients with serious illnesses handle stress and anxiety. When dealing with many illnesses, keeping stress under control is key … Read More

Guided Imagery to Quit Smoking

Researchers at the University of Arizona have built an Android app using guided imagery to help women quit smoking. Women face challenges beyond nicotine addiction when trying to stop smoking. “Women are more likely to gain weight than men when … Read More

Airlines Offer Guided Imagery for Flying

Two weeks ago, we reported on how the hotel industry is using guided imagery and guided meditation to encourage more restful visits. Now the airline industry is following suit. This week Refinery29.com posted an article about British Airways’ new “Mindfulness for Travel” … Read More

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