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Guided Imagery to Quit Smoking

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Researchers at the University of Arizona have built an Android app using guided imagery to help women quit smoking. Women face challenges beyond nicotine addiction when trying to stop smoking. “Women are more likely to gain weight than men when they quit smoking; and women have more difficulty losing weight when they gain it,” says Judith Gordon, associate head of the University Of Arizona College Of Medicine. This guided imagery app was created to help women see themselves as beautiful and healthy, even if they gain a bit of weight as a result of quitting tobacco.

Since many women use smoking as a stress management tool, incorporating a guided imagery routine is a good way to both counter stress and put an end to nicotine addiction. “Every little thing helps when you’re trying to quit smoking,” says Toni Runner, a long-time smoker who was interviewed by Runner is eager to try the app, available here and at the GooglePlay store.

While some are skeptical, research has shown that guided imagery is an effective way to quell the urge to smoke. This will be the first study using a guided imagery program distributed as a smartphone app. Researchers are optimistic that the app has the potential to help millions of people world-wide use guided imagery to quit smoking.

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