Guided Meditation for Bach Flower Essence Water Violet – MP3


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Letting Others Into Your Heart

By Max Highstein • 18 Minutes • Corresponds to the Bach Flower Essence Water Violet

For Being Aloof and Holding Others at a Distance. Using This Program With The Bach Flower Essence Water Violet Can Help!

If you find it hard to let down your guard, or allow others to get close, both the Bach Flower Essence Water Violet and this program can be helpful. The problem of being overly prideful, setting ourselves above others, and keeping people from getting close makes it hard to enjoy life. In that condition, we need to learn how to soften, let down our guard, and let others into our heart.

This program works well with the Bach Flower Essence Water Violet. If you’re taking that essence, try using this guided meditation once every day or so to help deepen the effect. Water Violet can bring clearing and new positive energy to your system. And using this program along with it can help you become more conscious of how you use your thoughts, feelings, and your energy in the world.

From the program: “…Imagine that person is with you now, facing you. Notice whether you feel anything within you that prevents you from feeling close to this person. Take a moment to simply be together with them, and notice if you feel any sense of discomfort, any need to stay guarded, or any stiffness around you that you might use to keep that person at a distance…

“Now imagine looking into that person’s eyes, and feeling a softness toward them. Recognize that this is someone who, despite any differences between you, has many of the same needs as you. Slowly allow yourself to open to their energy, so that the two of you can make a deeper, more personal connection, and exchange good feelings. Imagine good energy flowing between you and that person, from their eyes to your eyes, and from their heart to your heart. Take a few moments to soften, gradually let down your guard, and feel that positive, warm exchange…”

Use Water Violet, and this guided meditation program to let others into your heart.